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What's the number one problem on the Internet? Answer: unsolicited bulk mail -- or, quite simply, 'Spam'! So what are you doing to shield yourself against these highly annoying bulk messages? Introducing: 1 Click Spam Shield -- a safe and easy to use spam filter that ensures you get messages from people you know! 1 Click Spam Shield is one of the safest, easiest, and most powerful client-side solutions for eliminating junk mail. It prioritizes your email inbox; removes spam and junk mail; it learns which messages are more 'spammy' and which ones aren't, and becomes more accurate over time (also known as 'adaptive learning').

1 Click Spam Shield: Screenshots

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1 Click Spam Shield: How it Works

1 Click Spam Shield begins with a self-contained up datable database of known 'spammers'. Then with information you provide, 1 Click Spam Shield uses adaptive learning to become 99% effective in eliminating spam. To add insult to injury, many spammers insert tracking bugs into their emails. They can even tell if you've opened it or not! 1 Click Spam Shield also automatically removes all tracking and privacy bugs, allowing you to manage email with restored confidence in your privacy. 1 Click Spam Shield can also prioritize your in box and classify email according to your preferences.

1 Click Spam Shield: Key Features

  • Removes spam and junk mail
  • Prioritizes your Inbox
  • Allows you to define what is and what is not spam
  • Uses adaptive learning: over time, ensures that your filtering stays accurate
  • Classifies your important email
  • Learns by example
  • Comprehensive list of known spammer addresses, domains, key phrases and spam detection algorithms
  • Fully customizable to make sure you do receive emails from friends, relatives, colleagues and other contacts
  • Updates filters automatically
  • Block domains and specific addresses
  • Exclude domains and specific addresses
  • Automatic List Management
  • Configurable for several e-mail accounts with unique email profiles for all users

1 Click Spam Shield: Compatibility

1 Click Spam Shield works with Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000 and XP.

1 Click Spam Shield: Download

1 Click Spam Shield is free to try and $29.95 to buy.

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