Audio CD won't display Track Name?

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Infopackets Reader Jim B. writes:

" Dear Dennis,

I have Windows XP and Nero Express CD Burning software that came with my CD Recorder. I have burned many CDs with music (wav, mp3 and others). My problem is that whenever I burn a standard audio CD (in .WAV format), the track titles never appear. When I play the disc in my CD player, the track names always come up as 'track 1' or 'track 2', etc. Can you tell me why this is so? "

My response:

What you are referring to is a feature called "CD Text".

You can only burn Track Titles on a standard audio CD if:

a) both your CD burner software (Nero) and CD burner support CD Text

b) your CD player can read CD Text from the disc

Note that CD Text is completely different than simply renaming a .WAV or .MP3 file and adding it to your compilation list at the time of creating a audio disc. After you add a file to your compilation (using Nero, for example), you have to right-click the filename and set the CD Text. As far as I understand, Nero 5+ will automatically place the filenames into the CD Text field automatically, providing you have the CD Text feature turned on. Click here for an example screenshot (Page 1 | Page 2).

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