Microsoft's Windows 8 Upgrade Offer Disappointing

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According to a recent report, consumers who buy a Windows 7 PC between early June and next January will be given the opportunity to upgrade that operating system (OS) to Windows 8 Pro.

At the moment, however, it appears that this opportunity to upgrade will not be free.

Back in 2009, Microsoft offered a similar deal when it released Windows 7 .

At that time, buyers of PCs running the company's previous OS, Windows Vista, were allowed to upgrade to Windows 7, provided they purchased their PC between June and the end of 2009.

Microsoft also offered this same kind of upgrade opportunity in 2006, when it launched Vista.

Windows 8 Upgrade Deal Coincides with Windows 8 Release Preview

The difference between the Vista and Windows 7 launches, and the upcoming Windows 8 releases, is that the former deals provided consumers with a free upgrade. This time around, Microsoft simply doesn't appear to be making such a generous offer. (Source:

Experts expect the forthcoming Windows 8 upgrade offer to become available in early June, about the same time Microsoft will launch its Windows 8 Release Preview.

At the moment, it remains unclear how much the upgrade will cost. Early reports also suggest that consumers will be allowed to upgrade only to Windows 8 Pro, rather than to the standard version of Windows 8.

Given that Windows 8 Pro offers a wider range of upgrades and features, having to pay extra for it is not that surprising. However, many consumers will be upset that there's no option to upgrade to standard Windows 8.

Microsoft Displeasing Many Windows Users

In the end, many consumers will be displeased with this news, which comes only a week after Microsoft revealed that the standard version of Windows 8 will not support DVD playback. To get that capability, consumers will have to purchase Windows 8 Pro, which is expected to retail for as much as $100 more.

However, Microsoft has yet to officially unveil Windows 8's pricing structure.

Reports suggest that Microsoft will be notifying interested parties about details of the 'Windows 7 to Windows 8' upgrade offer on the website, beginning in early June, 2012. At the moment, visitors to that site are merely being redirected to a Bing page showing results for a search on 'windowsupgradeoffer.' (Source:

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