Windows 8 Pro Available for $40: Microsoft

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Microsoft will permit upgrades to Windows 8 Pro from any previous version of Windows for just $40. However, it's a limited-time offer and the price is good only for those downloading the new software from Microsoft's official site.

Those who don't want to download the upgrade will be able to buy an upgrade DVD from stores for $69.99.

There are only two versions of Windows 8 that can be bought outright: the basic Windows 8 and the more advanced Windows 8 Pro.

Naturally, the 'Pro' version has features not found in the basic edition, including enhanced security. It's also better equipped for installations across large and complex networks.

As a result, experts believe that many home users won't benefit very much from most of the extra features in Windows 8 Pro.

Pro Upgrade From Any Windows Edition

According to reports, in most countries current users of Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 will be able to download the Windows 8 Pro upgrade for $39.99.

It's not yet clear when the deal will begin, although speculation puts it sometime around October, when the new operating system is expected to launch. Reports suggest the offer will last until about January 31, 2013. (Source:

People who download the upgrade can legally make their own back-up disc, too. However, Microsoft will also provide one for $14.99.

Windows 8 Offer Targets Skeptical Buyers

Some experts believe Microsoft is offering the discounted upgrade to arouse more interest in Windows 8. So far, many consumers have expressed little interest in abandoning the very popular Windows 7.

As for the bargain price, it compares to offers Microsoft presented prior to the launch of Windows 7. At that time, $49 would buy an upgrade to the main consumer edition, and $99 to the Professional edition. (Source:

In announcing this special offer, Microsoft also confirmed previous reports about upgrade conditions for Windows computers. Those upgrading from Windows 7 should be able to keep all their current computer settings, applications and files in place.

However, those who upgrade from Vista, with Service Pack 1 installed, will keep only their settings and files. They will need to reinstall their applications.

Those who upgrade from Windows XP will be able to keep only their files; they will need to reinstall their applications and will also lose all their computer settings.

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