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Synopsis: Turn your PC into into a smart Video Security and Surveillance System! Using Webcam Monitor's intelligent motion detection system, you can effortlessly monitor your home, office, parking area, or any other premises 24-hours a day! Simply connect a USB or FireWire Camera to your PC, install WebCam Monitor, and you're ready to begin surveillance! Webcam Monitor is highly customizable and lets you activate video via motion and noise so that you can capture events precisely when they happen. Remote monitoring lets you view / listen to video / audio over the Internet, plus FTP uploads and email notifications will keep you informed on all motion and noise events!

Webcam Monitor: Screenshots

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Webcam Monitor: How it Works WebCam Monitor provides customizable Alerts like Video Recording, Audio Recording, Photo Snaps, Sound Alarms and E-mail Notifications. You can configure Alerts to run on Motion or Noise detection or schedule them. Multiple Alerts can be selected to run simultaneously. The Quick Settings section for every Alert makes it very easy to customize Alerts. You can also schedule Monitoring sessions. WebCam Monitor logs all events and actions for later retrieval.

WebCam Monitor understands the importance of keeping you informed about recorded events even when you are absent from the place where monitoring is being done. To keep yourself updated, you can have notification e-mails with a snap of the recorded event sent to your mailbox. Recorded Video, Audio and Snaps can be automatically uploaded to an FTP server of your choice. All these features with exhaustive Event logs and multiple devices scheduling truly lets you take advantage of the potential of PC based video surveillance.

Webcam Monitor: Features Drilldown

  • Automatically monitor for Motion or Noise.
  • Schedule all your devices to start and stop monitoring automatically.
  • Run monitoring uninterrupted 24 hours a day.
  • Record Videos and Audios, Take Photo Snaps and Sound an Alarm on motion or noise detection.
  • Have e-mail notifications with a photo snap of the motion or noise event sent to your mailbox.
  • Take photo snaps manually or automatically.
  • View all event history along with recordings and photo snaps from within WebCam Monitor.
  • Upload recorded videos, audios, photo snaps periodically, manually or automatically.
  • Stream (Broadcast) video or audio live to view them remotely.
  • Setup a website showing live images updated by WebCam Monitor.

Webcam Monitor: System Requirements

Webcam Monitor requires Pentium 300 MHz PC with Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP, or 2003 Server, and 500MB of free disk space.

Webcam Monitor: Download

Webcam Monitor is free to try and $49.95 to buy.

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