Pokki: Free Windows 8 Start Menu, App Store Combo

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Looking for a program that puts the popular Start Menu back in Windows 8? Then you might want to check out Pokki, which offers its very own app store in addition to that much-missed Start Menu.

Pokki was released earlier this year for Windows 7. Now that Windows 8 is out, Pokki offers users of that new operating system a great-looking Start Menu and a number of other useful features.

Access Gmail, Facebook, Angry Birds from the Taskbar

At the top of Pokki's features list is a handy app store jammed with many useful programs. When it first launched, Pokki gave users access to one-click taskbar apps for Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter. (Source: lifehacker.com)

Since then, Pokki has rapidly expanded its app catalog. Now there are literally hundreds of Pokki applications to choose from, with genres ranging from video games (including Angry Birds, Pirate Storm, and Dragons of Atlantis) to a variety of productivity tools.

Take the Gmail Pokki app, for example. It immediately notifies you every time a new email arrives in your inbox, and it also allows you to check that inbox without bothering to open an Internet browser.

As a result, you can read, write, and organize your emails without having to deal with Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or any other web browser. (Source: lifehacker.com)

Another app called Instagrille allows Pokki users to make use of Instagram from the taskbar -- again, no need to open a browser.

Enable or Disable Windows 8 Features

Pokki also allows you to quickly and easily get to data stored on your Windows PC. It provides one-click entry to your data folders, which is convenient for those you most frequently access.

Finally, Pokki lets you tinker with all of Windows 8's new features. If you're not a fan of the Windows 8 Start Screen, Pokki will let you skip it and go directly to the traditional Windows desktop. If you dislike Windows 8's 'hot corners,' Pokki lets you disable them. (Source: pokki.com)

Aside from all this, one of the best parts of Pokki may be its price: $0. To give Pokki a try, click here.

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