Dell's Project Ophelia PC the Size of a Flash Drive

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Dell is reportedly preparing to release one of the smallest computers in the world. It's possible the device, which Dell calls "Project Ophelia," could prompt other PC manufacturers to build tiny, portable computers like it.

Project Ophelia is a full-functioning computer that measures just 3.5 inches long and 1.5 inches wide. All in all, it's not much bigger than a USB flash drive.

Device Powered by PC Monitor, TV

Project Ophelia is powered by the USB port of a larger screen, such as a PC monitor or high-definition television. Dell suggests that the best way to run the device is through a Mobile High Definition Link (MHL) to a monitor.

(This seems to be the way contemporary products are going, as more than 200 unique MHL-enabled products are currently available on the market.)

Project Ophelia features two USB ports for a keyboard or mouse connection. It boasts Bluetooth capabilities and displays images at 1080p resolution. It also features 8GB of memory to support applications, music, and videos and has a microSD slot.

Perhaps best of all, it has been programmed to support touchscreen innovations.

Internally, the system runs on the Android Jelly Bean operating system (OS) and features Dell's PocketCloud technology, which provides remote desktop access. (Source:

Businesses to Benefit Most from Computer Portability

Industry analysts believe the business sector may benefit most from Dell's Project Ophelia technology.

After all, the product's size and portability would allow an individual to take the device into a presentation and simply plug it into a monitor. There's no doubt that being able to carry one's own personal computer with them at all times is extremely convenient. (Source:

Dell plans to release the Project Ophelia device sometime in mid-2013. Early estimates indicate that it will retail for less than $100, making it very affordable.

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