Print Song Titles in Media Player Library?

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Infopackets Reader Wayne B. writes:

" Dear Dennis,

Can you please tell me how I can Print the Titles of all the songs I have in Windows Media Player Library? I have a ton of songs listed here and I'd like to have a hard copy for my reference. "

My response:

What you're referring to is a printing a PlayList. According to, you have two options.

Option 1: You can "use the 'Media Info Exporter PowerToy' to export your library to Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Access, or even to an HTML or XML file, and then you'll be able to print. Note that this tool only works with Windows Media Player 9 Series or later." (Source:

To do this, you need to download the Media Player Winter funPack. For further information:

Option 2: You can also "use the Playlist Copier plug-in to copy the contents of your playlists to the Windows clipboard, Microsoft Notepad, or any other text-editing program ... [this plugin can also be used] to copy the contents of a playlist onto a CD cover by using a CD designer program." (Source:

From the web site:

" Playlist Copier is a tool that allows you to get the contents of a playlist to the clipboard (or notepad or any other program). This is very useful for CD cover designer programs where you want to insert the contents of your playlist [free download]. This program is tested on Windows XP with Windows Media Player 9. "

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