Dell's Tiny, Cheap 'Project Ophelia' PC Coming in July

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'Project Ophelia,' Dell's thumb drive-sized portable computer, will reportedly be available for purchase this July and will only cost about $100.

The device, which runs Google's Android operating system, can plug directly into any display equipped with an HDMI port. From there, users can run applications and access files.

Tiny Device Converts Screens Into PCs

In effect, Project Ophelia takes any standalone screen and turns it into a fully-functional PC or gaming machine.

Project Ophelia comes equipped with WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities, meaning you can use it to stream music or video through services like Pandora, Spotify, Netflix, or Hulu. (Source:

In addition to these services, a wide range of Android-based apps can be downloaded from the Google Play store.

To access files stored on remote PCs, servers, or other devices, Project Ophelia comes equipped with Wyse PocketCloud software.

Dell's executive director of cloud client computing, Jeff McNaught, says his company's goal was to create an extremely affordable alternative to tablet, laptop, and desktop computers.

"We've done a number of things in the software of the product and outside that will make it interesting," McNaught said. (Source:

Dell says it's hoping to expand Project Ophelia's appeal in the coming months by releasing a unique keyboard specially designed for the hardware.

Device Dumps Information If Stolen

The company also plans to include a number of cutting-edge security features when the device ultimately ships. For example, one feature can be programmed to wipe all of the stored information if the device is lost or stolen.

Starting in July, Project Ophelia will become available to software developers. The following month average consumers will be able to acquire the device through cable companies and telecommunications providers. It's likely Project Ophelia will be bundled with data plans.

Experts believe Dell will begin selling Project Ophelia through its own website sometime thereafter, perhaps as early as September. It's not yet clear if major electronics retailers like Best Buy will be selling the device.

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