HD Display Test: Kindle Fire HDX Beats iPad Air

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A new study finds the iPad Air boasts some impressive display technology -- but its high-definition 'Retina' screen is not quite as impressive as the display built into Amazon's new Kindle Fire HDX tablet computer.

The tests were carried out by DisplayMate Technologies, which examined the 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HDX tablet and Apple's new iPad Air. The Air, which was unveiled by Apple at an October 22, 2013, press event, is slimmer and lighter than its predecessor, the iPad 4.

DisplayMate also took a look at Google's newest tablet, the Nexus 10.

Kindle Fire HDX Boasts Best-Ever Tablet Display

The results, according to DisplayMate: Amazon's Kindle Fire HDX "leapfrogged into the best-performing tablet display that we have ever tested."

DisplayMate says the Kindle Fire HDX bested the iPad Air "in brightness, screen reflectance, and high ambient light contrast". The report also found that the Kindle Fire HDX's screen finished first in the "absolute color accuracy" category.

Finally, the Kindle Fire HDX received a better power efficiency rating than both the iPad Air and the Nexus 10. Although the iPad Air's power efficiency is up 57 per cent from the iPad 4, it still couldn't match the Kindle Fire HDX. (Source: appleinsider.com)

But that doesn't mean DisplayMate was unimpressed with the displays used by Google and Apple in the firms' newest tablet computers.

"They are most likely better and more accurate than any display you own (unless it's a calibrated professional display)," the firm said. (Source: cnet.com)

In its overall assessment of each tablet's screen, DisplayMate gave the Kindle Fire HDX an 'A' (Excellent), the iPad Air an 'A-' (Very Good), and the Nexus 10 a 'B' (Good).

New Google Nexus 10 Still AWOL

DisplayMate says the Nexus 10's display was disappointing because the 2012 tablet's technology is starting to show its age. However, DisplayMate says "the soon-to-be-introduced 2013 Nexus 10 will take care of that."

Unfortunately, Google still hasn't revealed when it will release a new Nexus 10.

One significant difference between these three tablets: price. Apple's base iPad Air (16GB, WiFi) retails for $499, while the Kindle Fire HDX and Nexus 10 cost $379 and $399, respectively.

Of course, Amazon's tablet is also one inch smaller than its rivals.

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