Required Dll not Found Error Message?, Part 2

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Yesterday, Don W. sent in a question which asked why he kept getting a Window every time Windows booted up saying that the file "DDRAW.DLL" could not be found.

My suggestion to Don was to search for the .DLL on his system and try to locate the program folder to determine where the .DLL came from, uninstall the program, and then reinstall it in hopes of clearing up the error message he was receiving.

Unfortunately, I forgot that some Windows operating systems will not display a .DLL file by default. Furthermore -- as Darren B. points out, the DDRAW.DLL file is actually a Direct-X component:

" I use Google when I have a problem with a .DLL on a hard drive; google will more often then not tell you exactly what you need to know about the file. For instance, a quick search on Google revealed that DDRAW.DLL is a part of Microsoft DirectDraw. "

OK -- so how do you reinstall a DirectDraw file?

DirectDraw and Direct3D are two key components of Direct-X. Direct-X is a Microsoft Windows add-on that is commonly required for 3D gaming. In all likelihood, downloading Direct-X and reinstalling it should solve Don's problem.

Direct-X can be downloaded from Microsoft's web site.

Had Don's dilemma not been a core Windows component .DLL file, my suggestion should work without any hitches for just about any installed program that all-the-sudden generates strange error messages and needs to be reinstalled.

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