My Shutdown Menu is Missing?, Part 2

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Recall yesterday's Visitor Feedback question which dealt with a disappearing Shutdown menu:

" I'm running Windows 2000 Pro. When I try to shut down the machine by clicking on Start -> Shutdown, I no longer have the option to Shutdown, Restart, or Hibernate! In fact, the machine automatically does a restart, offering *no* choices when Start -> Shutdown is clicked... "

There were many good suggestions sent in from the Infopackets Readers. Since I've never experienced this problem before, I can only guess at the most probable answers, starting with Pattie W.'s suggestion:

" I would check the registry. I use MMC (Microsoft Management Console) to apply a local Group Policy in order to secure Windows 2000 workstations at the high school where I am a network administrator. Under User Configuration, Administrative Templates, Start Menu & Taskbar, there is a policy to 'Disable and remove the Shut Down command.' I don't see how it could have gotten enabled without him knowing, but it's a thought. "

Timothy M. suggested Tweak UI:

" If your computer only restarts when you try to shut down, you need to change your TweakUI settings. If you're using TweakUI, look on the IE tab and make sure there's a check mark for Allow Logoff. "

Ron C. suggested that the shutdown problem might be caused by the ACPI feature in Windows 2000.

Thanks to all who wrote in with their suggestions.

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