A Quick Way to Cycle Through Active Windows?, Part 2

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Yesterday's Visitor Feedback question was sent in from Arlene M. In a nutshell, she asked if it was possible to make a window *always* stay on top of other windows, even after clicking or moving other windows.

My response stated that, "If a window is active (IE: in use), it will remain on top of all other windows. Once another window is clicked or moved, it becomes the active window [and all other windows fall behind]."

I also provided Arlene with some great keyboard shortcuts to make flipping through windows a real snap:

A quick way to cycle through active Windows?

Today, I Infopackets Reader "Pippie" informed me of a great little utility which can make windows "always stay on top". She writes:

" After reading the article about alt-tab between open windows, I thought some of your readers might [a program called] ... Pushpin ... it works on W95, W98, XP, W2K, NT. ... [Just download and] unzip it, add it to the [Windows] Start Up [Folder], and you're done! ... [To use the program], right click on the Title Bar of the window you want [to stay opened] on top, and chose 'always on top'. You might have to click twice to see it on the menu, but it shows as the last entry. "


Thanks again, Pippie!

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