Windows Form Parking Window Error?

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Infopackets Reader Jimmy B. writes:

" Dear Dennis,

I'm running windows XP and use Webroot Spy Sweeper and Norton Anti Virus. Sometimes I'll be using my computer when -- all of the sudden -- I get this very strange error message that reads 'Windows Form Parking Window' error and it shuts my computer down. What is Windows Form Parking Window and how can I stop it from appearing? I've done a Spyware and AntiVirus scan of my computer and haven't come up with anything. Can you help? "

My response:

From what I read via Google, the "Windows Form Parking Window" or "WindowsFormParkingWindow" is a protected mode error designed to shut down the computer in the event of a catastrophic Operating System error. A protected mode error usually occurs when a poorly designed program oversteps its memory boundaries and attempts to overwrite memory addresses reserved for the Operating System (which then causes your system to crash).

One posting via Google suggested that the Windows Form Parking Window error may appear due to a bug related to HP Image Zone Fast Start program. If you have any HP hardware on your computer (or did at one point), then removing HP Image Zone Fast Start from the Startup Folder will resolve the issue (and has for a number of folks).

To remove HP Image Zone Fast Start from the Startup Folder, you'll need to access the Startup Folder for "All Users" in Windows XP (note that only a user with Administrator privileges can access the "All Users" Startup Folder). To access the "All Users" Startup Folder, go to the Start Menu, click Programs, and then right-click over top of the Startup Folder and select "Explore All Users".

Side note: If the "Explore All Users" option is not available to you, then your user account does not have Administrator access. In this case, you'll can login to Windows as the Administrator user to access the "All Users" option. If you forgot your Admin user password, you can refer to a previous Gazette article which explains how to reset your admin password.

Once the Startup Folder for All users is displayed, locate and right click over top of HP Image Zone Fast Start program shortcut and select "Delete." This will remove the shortcut from your Startup Folder and prevent it from launching at bootup. Once this is done, you can reboot your computer and the problem should be resolved.

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