Lcd Prices Fall Blu Ray Availability Expands

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Some things just work out perfect.

Although many of Sony's early Blu-Ray players will creep out of stores for a rather heavy $1,000 price tag, insiders are today reporting that the devices you'll be playing movies on -- LCD HD televisions -- are set to see their prices plummet in the coming year.

At a recent electronics conference in Berlin, television makers LG and Sharp both announced that they fully expect their flat LCD HDTVs to drop in 2007. The companies cited percentages in the 20-30% range, attributing such measures to overproduction and dropping manufacturing costs. (Source:

The drop in television prices should be good news for those anticipating Sony's slow release of its Blu-Ray player, a device that allegedly takes image sharpness to new levels. Although Blu-Ray is now appearing in stores across North America, Sony is not releasing its line of players internationally until October. At that time, countries like Britain, Japan, Germany, Holland, Korea, Australia, Belgium, Italy, and France will all be able to see the most recent advances in picture quality for a similarly evolutionary price.

According to whispers from the retail electronics business, thus far Blu-Ray players are receiving anything but huge support here in North America. Part of the problem is the cost and a general lack of movies. Some of these issues will be solved with the international expansion, as Sony intends to make the discs the same price as standard DVDs, as well as expanding the general library of titles. A plethora of new flicks will be released in October, including "Hitch", "The Exorcism of Emily Rose", and "Ultraviolet". (Source:

No word yet on when some legitimately entertaining titles will be released.

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