Big Bad News Regarding the Playstation 3

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Although cynics have been speculating for over a year now that the Sony Playstation 3 (PS3) console would fail to make its desired November 2006 launch, recent events have cemented those suspicions. The powerful system is facing a host of problems just two months before it is set to launch in North America and Japan, including a reported shortage of units. Perhaps most revealing of Sony's woes is the recent announcement that the PS3 will officially miss its European launch period, and will not ship there until March, 2007.

The Sony Playstation 3 is the most anticipated tech product this fall. It promises a slew of impressive hardware specifications that should make it the most powerful console to date (and also the most expensive at a reported $600 USD). Criticisms of the machine have mostly surrounded its cost, but more importantly its launch date. The system itself has rarely made public appearances, instead lying just out of gamer hands at shows and events. (Source:

Thus, many critics won't be surprised by the European launch delay or the absurdity of the system's announced unit numbers for North American and Japan this fall. Owning a PS3 might be like winning the lottery; according to Sony Computer Entertainment Chief Ken Kutaragi, only 400,000 units will be available in North America, with a jaw-dropping 100,000 available in Japan. (Source:

There are surely smiles on the faces of Microsoft and Nintendo executives this morning. It is becoming very apparent that Sony has every intention of handing over the console reins with this latest disappointment.

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