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Movies are making their way to some odd mediums lately. Recently, we reported on Apple's interest in releasing movies through its iTunes service, and AOL's similar but less impressive online films. Now, Sprint is trying to develop their own unique way of watching movies with the recent announcement of a pay-per-view service for its mobile phones.

Called "Sprint Movies", the service will offer recent releases and "classic" titles for between $4 and $6 USD. Customers will be able to watch the movies in segments, or all at once.

It might be that "on the go" way of watching movies that Sprint is aiming for, pushing the new service as something available for movie-lovers whether they're on the bus or lunch break. In addition, downloads will be available as rentals, with the period depending on the film. Users can watch their flick as many times as they want within rental periods ranging from 24 hours to an entire week. (Source:

Will there be nudity?

For mobile customers with a dirty mind, don't bother. You won't soon see adult films (or even violent ones) on Sprint's pay-per-view service, as the company intends to exclusively offer movies appropriate for audiences 14 and under. It's a family service, Sprint assures, and the selection of titles will reflect that mantra.

Sprint has already locked up a number of movie studios to support its new service. Expect titles from Buena Vista, Lionsgate, Sony Pictures, and Universal to all make their way to Sprint Movies. (Source:

Movies anywhere, anytime. Unfortunately, this isn't going to help the rate of ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) diagnoses at all!

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