The New Version of Gtalkr is Here!

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If you haven't checked out Gtalkr lately, it's time to rewind!

Gtalkr is a tool used to log into your GoogleTalk account online (via their website), in place of using the GoogleTalk program. When you use Gtalkr to chat with your buddies, your Instant Message (IM) conversations are saved and are then searchable... so it's like you can Google your IMs!

But Gtalkr is so much more than just instant messaging. You can also add content, like RSS feeds, to your Gtalkr page. Several popular feeds are already available to add with a click of a button, or you can add your own. Other Gtalkr extensions let you add things like Gmail, Yahoo Maps, and a To Do List ("Make a List").

New features just added to Gtalker include: a video search using a "You Tube" extension and a flickr slide show extension that lets you either search flickr for photos or view a slide show of someone's photos by entering in their username. Even cooler, the flickr logo appears next to your contact's username in your contact list if they are also on flickr. All you have to do is click the logo, and their slide show appears.

Sometimes, technology really seems like magic, doesn't it?

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