How to Fix: Firefox Forget Username / Remove Autocomplete

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Infopackets Bill P. writes:

" Dear Dennis,

I am using Windows 10 and Firefox. Recently I went to sign onto my banking website and entered in the wrong user name during the sign on. A few days later I went to sign onto the bank again and it seems that Firefox saved the incorrect user name to that field (note - I am not using the Firefox password manager to fill my fields, I am doing it manually). Normally when I visit my bank website, I enter in a few characters for my user name and then Firefox usually presents me with the correct user name as part of the field - sort of the same autocomplete feature that displays when you search something on Google - except now I'm getting the wrong input by default. How do I forget the wrong user name in the input field? "

My response:

I had this problem at one time in the past - and yes it's annoying if you are a fast typist and expect the correct information to be presented in certain fields. If the input in the field is not correct, it throws you off your usual routine. If you use the same forms on a regular basis and you don't use a password manager / form filling program, then this can be a pain.

How to Fix: Firefox Forget Username / Remove Autocomplete

To have Firefox forget an input field / autocomplete - whether it's a user name or some other field, do the following:

  1. Launch Firefox and go to the page with the problematic input field.
  2. Locate the field on the page that is giving you problem, then single left click the field to activate it. Now, single left click the field once more and it will bring up a list of options that was previously input into this field.
  3. To remove a listing: browse through the list using your mouse, then highlight the one you want to remove; finally, press DEL on the keyboard to delete it. The item should be removed instantly.

Note that this same method also works for search queries in the Firefox search bar, and also the URL bar.

I hope that helps.

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