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Microsoft Office Beta 2 No Longer Free

Now that Microsoft knows you want it, Office 2007 Beta 2 downloads are no longer a gratuity. Since its release two months ago, the extremely popular program has been downloaded a total of three million times, leading the Redmond-based company to ... start charging $1.50 USD, beginning August 2. According to Microsoft, the beta program -- 550 MB for the basic version, 2GB for the full suite -- and its explosive popularity have put a fantastic strain on the company's networks. Even Microsoft itself has been caught off guard by the intense downloading of the Office beta, stating that the 3 million ... (view more)

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Redmond Heading to Red? Microsoft Announces Layoffs and Delays

With criticism of its recent security software (OneCare Live) and anti-piracy program (Windows Genuine Advantage) taking its toll, Microsoft is showing fatigue. Recently, industry insiders are reporting that the Redmond-based company will not only ... be laying off 214 employees from U.S. sales, but it may also miss shipping Office 2007 on time. Although this is hardly the first time Microsoft has cut staff, it is remarkable for a company that has routinely increased its manpower by thousands each year. Reports from inside the company suggest that of the 214 jobs cut, most are corporate account ... (view more)

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'Encryption Pack For Ms Office', and 'Expired Cookies Cleaner'

Encryption Pack for Ms Office MS Office offers a simple way to protect a document by using a password entry. This provides a basic security for MS Word, Excel documents (.DOC, .XLS, .PPT) from unauthorized access. But security specialists do not ... recommend to use build-in MS Office security features. For example: take a quick browse through Google and you'll be able to turn up as many MS Office password crackers as you like. Encryption Pack for MS Office, on the other hand, is a great way to protect your documents using strong encryption. Expired Cookies ... (view more)

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A Grab Bag of Goodies!

The posting today is more of a 'grab bag' than anything else. Mainly because I have had many little things come across my desk that deserve to be passed on but not enough information to make up a full post. First off, Open Office. There is a new ... release of the Open Office office suite, Version 2, and it is a corker. If you want or need an office suite for Windows, Linux (any distribution), UNIX (almost any flavor), or the Mac, this is the one to download. There are many goodies in the package and it works like a dream! Database, word processing that also does web pages, spreadsheet, ... (view more)

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'Floppy Office', and 'Hide My Ass'

Floppy Office Floppy Office is a collection of small, self contained no-install applications which enable the end use access to every tool, utility and program imaginable for home, business, and student users alike. All of the self-contained, ... standalone applications require no installation, whatsoever, and for this reason make the perfect companion software package for your USB stick. All one needs to do is to extract all the zip files containing each application to their USB, configure them to their liking, and they are all set. The applications included in this bundle are: a spreadsheet ... (view more)


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