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Shocking Statement: Windows Vista Doesn't Need Anti-Virus Software

It has been drummed into the minds of PC users for years that anti-virus software is an absolute must! That's why most new computers today come with a limited time subscription for free anti-virus protection. However, Microsoft co-president Jim ... Allchin boldly declared in a recent press conference that he's completely comfortable running Vista minus a program that shields his little boy's computer from viruses. "My son, seven years old, runs Windows Vista, and, honestly, he doesn't have an antivirus system on his machine," Allchin said. "His machine is locked down with parental controls, he ... (view more)

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Windows Vista: Coming Soon to a DVD Near You

A Microsoft representative confirmed Friday that Windows Vista will be distributed on a single DVD disc. Vista is said to be released in January 2007. The single DVD will include the most basic version of the operating system, and will also include ... the version with all the bells and whistles, dubbed "Vista Ultimate." (Source: ) Prices for Vista Come January, consumers can choose between the following versions (prices in US Dollars): Windows Vista Home Basic: $199 Windows Vista Home Premium: $239 Windows Vista Business: $299 Windows Vista Ultimate: $399 (Source: ) New ... (view more)

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8 Flavors of Vista? Nope, Only 6!

Recall -- A few weeks back I wrote about 8 versions of the new Windows Vista (the successor to Windows XP). It appears that this was misinformation. The newsworthy story was leaked by an internal Microsoft site that was accessed by an outside ... reporter, who then dutifully told the rest of the world that there were 8 versions of Windows Vista. After three weeks, that internal site became unavailable, and Microsoft officially declared there were in fact 6 versions of Vista. The below information was taken from a recent Microsoft document . To clarify: " Microsoft ... will offer Windows Vista ... (view more)

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Windows Vista: 8 Flavors to Choose From!

It's been reported on a number of blog sites that Microsoft will release Windows Vista with -- get this -- 8 different versions. Hint: Windows XP only has 2 versions (Home and Pro edition). Unfortunately, they have yet to describe what the ... differences are between each version. It's also speculated that Microsoft Vista will require (at minimum) 512 MB of memory and a Pentium 4 class microprocessor to operate efficiently. The 'Vista list' is as follows: Windows Starter 2007 Windows Vista Home Basic Windows Vista Home Basic N Windows Vista Home Premium Windows Vista Business Windows Vista ... (view more)


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