'Is it Really THAT Good?' -- RegistryBooster Q&A from Readers

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After submitting yesterday's review of RegistryBooster, there has been a flood of comments from readers.

Infopackets Reader Denise N. writes:

" I have been a long time fan of your pages and advice, and like you, have been enjoying Registry Mechanic for some while. My question is will Registry Booster be OK to run on the same machine as Registry Mechanic -- or to put it simply, will the two programmes clash with each other? I would really appreciate an early reply and thanks again for your terrific advice which I pass on to friends who have an open mind! Thanks. "

Similarly, David L. wrote:

" I have been subscribed to your newsletter since 2003 and have been using Registry Mechanic since you first recommended it. It is a top notch product. I also purchased SpeedUpMyPC some time ago, which is about the same time the company [UniBlue] sent me an email regarding RegistryBooster 1.0 [now 2.0]. I have been using both in tandem for a few months and what one doesn't pick up, the other does! "

My response:

As David pointed out, it surely wouldn't hurt to use both programs in tandem -- and I would recommend anyone who uses Registry Mechanic to give RegistryBooster a try.

To be more specific to your question: by default, RegistryBooster will load at startup and will remain in your task bar until you close it. Registry Mechanic also has an option to load at startup. To ensure that the two programs don't clash, you should only have 1 running at 1 time, and only 1 loading at startup. For this, you will need to look at each program and configure them accordingly.

Janine P. writes:

" I downloaded RegistryBooster after reading your review. I was surprised that it found an additional 364 errors in my Registry. I just ran Registry Mechanic this morning, so I can't imagine why or how RegistryBooster found these errors. Is this normal? "

My response:

The answer to your question is three-fold:

  1. Different programs use different ways to measure errors, as well as different ways to correct them, hence a difference in a results. For example: if I made a peanut butter and jelly (PBJ) sandwich, I might start first by adding a layer of butter to my bread, then peanut butter, and then the jelly. The end result in a PBJ sandwich. You might make the same sandwich by adding the jelly first, then mixing it with the peanut butter. The result end result is still a PBJ sandwich.
  2. Since Registry Mechanic and RegistryBooster are made by two different companies, it is logical to assume that what one program misses, the other will "pick up."
  3. As you use your computer throughout the day, programs load and unload data to your registry. Depending on what you have installed on your system, some programs may make erroneous injections to the registry; hence, the reason why errors continually re-appear -- and for the same reason why you need to keep your registry maintained constantly.

Infopackets Reader Ted D. writes:

" Dennis, once again, a pleasure reading your articles. I have a question regarding RegistryBooster: I was anticipating at the end of your review a coupon code I could use toward the purchase of RegistryBooster. I didn't see one. Was this an oversight? "

My response:

Unfortunately, I was not presented a coupon at this time. However, UniBlue is offering some very heavy incentives: if you buy RegsitryBooster today, they're also willing to discount SpeedUpMyPC as a bundleded extra, as well as include SystemTweaker for free. It's an excellent deal. You can access the bargain by clicking on "Register Now" button from within the RegistryBooster program. If you missed the review on SpeedUpMyPC (Highly Recommended!), you can see it using the link below. The download link is also on this page:

SpeedUpMyPC 3.0 Review

I hope that answers your questions -- there were more, and I expect more to come -- but this should be the gist of it.

RegisteryBooster: Download

Once again, if you haven't already downloaded RegistryBooster from UniBlue, I highly recommend taking a moment to evaluate the program. I believe it is a top notch utility and necessary for PC maintenance -- and I'm sure you'll agree!

You can download RegistryBooster from our web site (the link is available at the end of the review article).

RegistryBooster 2.0 Review

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