Major Announcement: XP Service Pack 2 eBook release

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I have finally finished my latest eBook, entitled, "Windows XP Service Pack 2 Install Guide: A fail-safe guide for new and intermediate computer users."

Reminder: What is Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2)?

Service Pack 2 is Microsoft's latest -- major -- update to Windows XP. It's not just a collection of security patches; it is also a significant upgrade to the operating system itself and contains elements which cannot be obtained as separate downloads via the Windows Update web site.

The Buzz surrounding the Release of XP Service Pack 2: Do or Don't?

Service Pack 2 (SP2) began distribution by Microsoft in August 2004. Even before SP2 was released, there was quite a bit of buzz online the Internet -- not only because SP2 promised major (and much needed) security enhancements to Windows XP, but also because SP2 introduced some hardware and software incompatibilities.

It's been nearly 3 months since Service Pack 2 has been released, and it's relatively safe to say that the majority of "quirks" have been worked out of SP2 (although some minor issues still exist). Even so, many reputable authors agree that the benefits of having Service Pack 2 greatly outweigh the cons.,aid,117990,pg,2,00.asp

Consider the following:

  • Those who have installed SP2 have already been protected against a number of recently discovered exploits (such as the Jpeg of Death); those who choose not to install SP2 will continue to require 'band-aid' hot-fixes to patch their already-out-of-date systems -- and only when they become available.

    If you have already been hit with myDoom Internet worm or the soBig virus, then you know how important it is to protect your computer from these malicious and potentially catastrophic exploits.

    Side note: A new 'myDoom' worm variant has been discovered as early as November 9, 2004. reports that "the flaw affects Internet Explorer 6.0 on Windows 2000 and Windows XP Service Pack 1. Users who have installed Windows XP Service Pack 2 are immune to the programs that use the vulnerability, including the two new variants of the MyDoom virus." (Source:
  • As I mentioned previously, some features in SP2 aren't offered via Windows Updates (such as: Internet Explorer's new PopUp Blocker, Add-On Manager, Information Bar, Security Centre, Boot time security, Execution Protection that stops malicious programs from running, and many, many more useful features).
  • SP2 is going to set the bar for all future Service Pack releases. By putting it off now, you'll be out of the 'loop' and there will be even more for you to learn in the future.
  • OK. So, why was it necessary to create an eBook on installing Service Pack 2?

    Because Service Pack 2 is such a major upgrade to the Windows XP operating system, there are a number of critical steps one must take before applying the update. Yes, Microsoft has provided a quaint 1-page checklist of "What to Know Before You Download and Install Windows XP Service Pack 2" , but there's a lot to be said between 'back up your system', and 'apply SP2'.

    And that's why this guide was created.

    The eBook, "Windows XP Service Pack 2 Install Guide: A fail-safe guide for new and intermediate computer users", is a culmination of over 200 hours of research and applied knowledge that puts all the Service Pack 2 rumors to rest, while providing clear and concise direction to installing SP2 in a safe and controlled manner.

    The focus of the guide is to prepare users for a worst case scenario (I.E.: to fail safely) by backing up critical files such as documents, emails, and bookmarks, and then install Windows XP Service Pack 2 to their machines. Should Service Pack 2 fail to install properly, the guide also explains how to restore your computer to a working state.

    Standing at 103 pages, the SP2 Fail-Safe guide highlights:

    • Pre-Service Pack 2 Installation (16 critical steps)
    • Critical File Backup (2 approaches)
    • Service Pack 2 Acquisition (4 methods),
    • Service Pack 2 Installation (3 methods)
    • Dealing with a Failed Installation (4 methods)
    • Post-SP2 Installation (6 critical steps)
    • Service pack 2 Uninstallation (if necessary)
    • File restoration
    • Service Pack 2 Highlights
    • A list of helpful article references pertaining to SP2

    Also included is a very special downloadable video tutorial on installing Zone Alarm Firewall, a wonderful and free alternative to the Windows Firewall, which helps to block hackers and Spyware attacks.

    Do you need to read all 103 pages in order to install SP2?

    Probably not, but the information is there in one easy-to-read package in case you need it. That's what makes this guide complete, and it's also why you won't find anything like it anywhere on the Internet.

    XP Service Pack 2 Fail-Safe Guide: System Requirements

    In order to use this guide, you will need the following requirements:

    • Windows XP Home / Pro (Full or Upgrade), Professional, Media Center Edition, or Tablet PC Edition CD or System Restore Disc (for IBM, Dell, Compaq computers)
    • Windows XP Service Pack 2 download or SP2 mail-order CD
    • Windows XP CD Key (only comes with Original Microsoft Windows XP CDs, and is typically located on the Jewel Case or Windows XP Manual)
    • 1.6 gigabytes of available hard drive space
    • A backup unit, such as a CD / DVD recordable drive (recommended)
    • Backup software or CD burning software (recommended)
    • A printer to print the Guide (not all pages are necessary to print)

    Very Special Introductory offer for Infopackets Readers

    Starting right now, I am offering this eBook at the very special low price of $34.95!

    But -- let me sweeten the pot some more.

    As an option -- and in addition to my XP Fail-Safe Install Guide, I'm also going to bundle my PC Security Guide at 33% off regular price of $29.95. Normally, the combined total of both these highly informative guides would cost almost $65.00 if purchase separately -- but today you can get both guides (covering over 160 pages) for only $49.95!

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    Side note: Instructions on how to reinstall Windows are provided in the XP Fail-Safe Guide, so it is not necessary to purchase the "How to Re:Install Windows" guide separately.

    Act now -- this offer won't last!

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