ccApp.exe Error during Shutdown?

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Infopackets Reader Diane M. writes:

" Dear Dennis,

I just love getting your newsletters! They have helped me so much in the past. My question is in regard to a process named ccApp.exe: when I shut down my computer, I often have to wait for a long time before it actually shuts down to reboot. Most of the time I will get an error stating that 'ccApp.exe is not responding' and when I click to end the process, my computer remains frozen. Often times I have to reset the computer manually. Can you please help me out with this problem? I'm running Windows XP. Thanks for any help you can offer. "

My response:

The process CC App (ccApp.exe) stands for "common client application" and is used in conjunction with a number of Symantec Norton programs, such as Norton AntiSpam or Norton Antivirus. If the ccApp.exe process is stopped, the programs associated with ccApp.exe will not function properly.

In other words: it's OK to terminate ccAp.exe forcefully during a shutdown, but don't go and delete the ccApp.exe file because your Norton programs won't work afterward. According to

" The ccApp.exe problem [has been fixed] ... in the latest Common Client and Norton AntiSpam program updates. To install the update, start your Norton product, run LiveUpdate, download the updates (including any Common Client updates and the Norton AntiSpam program update if it is listed), and then restart the computer when you are asked to do so. " (Source:

RE: Spyware Warning

Please note: if you do *not* have any Norton [Symantec] products installed on your system, it is highly recommended that you run a Spyware scan because it is possible for any Trojan / Spyware / virus to have a file or process similarly named "ccApp.exe". I recommend using Spyware Doctor for your scan (recently awarded PCMagazine's Editor's Choice). You can download a copy here:

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