CCleaner Won't Update? Green Progress Bar Stalls

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Infopackets Reader 'Phil' writes:

" Dear Dennis,

I am using Windows 7 Home Edition and have been using CCleaner (crap cleaner) for a long time without any problem. However, I've been having difficulty with the last four updates to the program. Each update will download as usual, but the green installation progress bar stops after having moved about a quarter of an inch. It doesn't move any further, even if I leave the system on all day. Any ideas what might be causing it or how to resolve the issue? Your help would be most appreciated. "

My response:

Oftentimes if a program doesn't update properly or stops working altogether, you can resolve the issue if you uninstall the program, reboot, and then reinstall it by downloading the latest version off the Internet. I had a similar problem not being able to update Foxit Reader; it would tell me an update was available, and I would click "OK" to update, but then it would tell me that needed to close my browser to proceed with the update (and I did), but it would never go past that. Uninstalling and reinstalling the program fixed the issue.

Anyhow, you can download the latest version of ccleaner from Piriform's website via their builds page. I suggest you download and install the 'slim' version, as it does not contain any bundled toolbars such as Yahoo Toolbar or Google Toolbar which then becomes embedded into your web browser.

Please also note that (based on what I've read online), the regular / full version of ccleaner may attempt to install bundled software automatically during its update process. I personally don't use ccleaner, but if you download the slim version from the get-go, then I believe any future update won't contain bundled software.

Update: Phil emailed me back to say that the uninstall and reinstall of ccleaner resolved his issue.

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jsteedley2's picture

Hello, all.
I also experienced the "stuck" progress bar problem.
I resolved it by continuing to redownload the installer, until the 3RD or 4TH one worked.
I *think* that in these cases,
something in the installer code is botched,
& the updates have to be 'upgraded' for them to install properly.
This has been an ongoing problem w/ software for many years,
Windoz has had it before, too, so its not that uncommon.
I appreciate the 'slim' installer info,
ever though I've been using "Unchecky" for a while.

Have a GREAT day, Neighbors!

davidgay1944's picture

I also had this problem over several updates when I discovered that Ccleaner monitor was set to run in the background. I then turned Ccleaner monitor off and hey presto, the update installations went through like clockwork every time.