Microsoft Nags Windows 11 Upgraders

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Microsoft is testing a warning message for users running Windows 11 on unsupported machines. It's the first time such a warning has appeared after an upgrade rather than before.

The situation with upgrades to Windows 11 has been complicated to say the least. Microsoft originally annoyed many users by insisting the upgrade was only available for machines with certain specifications and features. Some of these, such as a hardware component called a Trusted Protection Module (TPM v2.0), aren't on even some recently-manufactured PCs.

Microsoft later clarified that "incompatible" machines can be upgraded through various workarounds, including editing the Windows Registry and installing from a USB stick. However, it made clear that the resulting "Windows 11 computer" would be unsupported and ineligible for security updates. In reality it has issued the updates to such machines while reiterating that this is no guarantee it will do so in the future.

Users Unimpressed

Now the latest test build of Windows 11 has added a special message in the System section of the Settings menu. Next to the listing for the computer itself, the message reads "System requirements not met" with a "Learn more" link explaining the requirements. (Source:

Microsoft is likely testing response to the message, for example, to see if users respond by reverting to Windows 10, changing their hardware to be fully compatible with Windows 11, or ignoring it completely.

If the response on social media is anything to go by, it's likely to be the last of these, with user Henry Isoppo making the fair point "Good lord how can these guys get more annoying? We had to go through registry hacks to install the f**king thing. We know it's not supported."

Windows 10 Deadline Approaching

Ultimately it's yet another example of Microsoft heading towards a familiar dilemma. If it insists on the Windows 11 specifications before it allows a "proper" upgrade, many users will simply stick with Windows 10.

Come the scheduled end of support for Windows 10 in 2025, that likely means a high proportion of users will still be running it. In turn, Microsoft will have to choose between backtracking on the support schedule or ending security updates and leaving users more open to cyber attacks. (Source:

What's Your Opinion?

Did your machine "fail" the Windows 11 requirements? Have you used the workaround installation? Should Microsoft relax the requirements for upgrading?

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Well, my observation is that W11 is basically a follow-up from W-ME; W-Vista; and W-8! W-10 is a good running system as were W-7 & W-XP but in usual fashion, MS has to screw everything up again as they did with W-11! Lots of times, the 'tech weenies' just can't sit still and leave well enough alone, rather they have to justify their existence (and paycheck) by moving this and moving that and making this function harder to reach as well as that!!

I'd guess that I'm looking forward to W-12 so they can get it right again.

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If it ain't broke why fix it?

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Microsoft is running into an issue I have talked about for years - software does not wear out. The supplier may stop supporting it or even go out of business but as long as your system can run it, it will still run. Unless a program is sold on a subscription basis, there is no more revenue available from the existing users.

Years ago I paid for two retail licenses for Windows 7 and then upgraded to Windows 8, 8.1, and 10 which M$ offered at no cost. The computer I am using now has an OEM Windows 10 license. The only revenue M$ received from me was built into the price of this computer.

I'm doing just fine with Windows 10 and plan to keep using it for the foreseeable future. From what I have seen there is nothing in Windows 11 to make it worthwhile to buy new hardware to run it.

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The only way I will upgrade to W11 is if I have to buy a new computer. Why you say Because of the ridiculous way Microsoft makes everyone use Edge. A made to order anti-trust case if I ever saw one. See you in court.

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It's called, "Another Way to Make Money."

I use Open Shell on Win 10 so that it has the Win 7 Start Menu. To use Windows 11 just because it is available makes little sense to me if Win 10 does what you expect it to do. All MS did was add some bling and spice. People know intuitively when something is there for a legitimate reason. It is funny that the more MS adds, the more I must spend time subtracting. No thx.

buzzallnight's picture

Win 7 still works just fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
With Edge, Chrome, Brave, Mo and Avast and office,
what more do you really need?

And no, I have never been hacked
or even had a problem with it
or even reloaded it....

And it is very stable now because
M$ doesn't F with it anymore
and hackers would be embarrassed
to say they hacked old Win 7.....

My Motorola Surfboard router works just fine too....

Don't give M$ any money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!