Add Outlook Express to SendTo Menu?

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Infopackets Reader 'Debbie' writes:

" Dear Dennis,

Thanks so much for your articles -- they can be very helpful!

I've got a question: every time I right click to email a picture from the My Pictures folder, it goes to Microsoft Outlook (which comes with MS office). The problem is that I use Outlook Express primarily as my email client.

This is a new computer and I don't know how to set things up properly: POP3 and HTML, etc. It's all so confusing. By the way, when it takes me to Microsoft Outlook, there is no send button so I can't even use it. I think I need to set up a profile. At any rate, I'd love to share these photos with my grandson and I'd appreciate any help you can offer! "

My response:

I have a number of suggestions. In order of execution:

1. Set up your email account with MS Outlook Express. I have a video tutorial for Outlook Express which tells you how to set up an email account. The video is a bit dated but it's really easy to follow. And best of all, it's free to download!

Outlook Express Video Tutorial

2. After you're done setting up the account, set it as your default email client. You can do this by clicking Tools -& Options -& General, and select "default messaging client."

3. Now, modify your SendTo menu (it's actually a folder) to include a link to Outlook Express. This will enable you to right click any image file and have it email directly through Outlook Express.

How to Customize the SendTo Menu

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