Disable or enable AutoComplete in Internet Explorer?, Part 2

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Last week, Rocky R. asked how to turn on the AutoComplete feature found in Internet Explorer.

A quick recap: what is AutoComplete?

When enabled, the AutoComplete feature remembers (and completes) frequently used form data on web pages. An example of a form might be one that asks you a name and password, such as the login form used at Hotmail.com.

After providing instructions on how to enable / disable the AutoComplete in last week's newsletter, I furthered the discussion by introducing a dilemma of my own.

My problem was that I sometimes have to revert back to an old image (backup) of Windows XP. Whenever that happens, I lose all my AutoComplete data and have to re-enter it.

Is there a program like AutoComplete that is freeware and does not contain Adware or Spyware and allows me to store form data on a separate drive letter (for backup)?

That's what I asked Infopackets Readers last week.

Quite surprisingly, I received 103 emails over the weekend: 97 of them praised a program called RoboForm. I was completely blown away at such a strong response.

Was the program that good?

Infopackets Reader Reg D. had this to say about RoboForm:

" I have been using RoboForm for some time now and it works very well filling in at sites which require various amounts of information. One can let it fill in a full bucket of data or just a limited amount, depending on the site. "

Nat G. liked RoboForm enough to upgrade to the Pro version:

" I’m sure you’ll get a million suggestions for this, but RoboForm is by far the best form filler. In addition to filling out forms correctly almost all the time, it will save passwords and offer to fill them in when RoboForm senses the appropriate page. It is a 'must have' utility on my computer! "

And, Infopackets Reader 'Mgeesey' agrees:

" I've tried several different types of form fillers and information savers and in my opinion. Al RoboForm out performs them all and gives you very good control of your information. It will encrypt all information for security and will only fill forms if you want too. I liked the free edition so well that I purchased the professional edition. "

J. Tully writes:

" I use AI RoboForm ... it's easy to use and has a password generator that's very good. But most importantly, it stays out of my way."

But, does RoboForm come bundled with Spyware?

Both Jim C. and Gaston P. answered that question:

" I really like RoboForm ... [there isn't any] ads ... [and it won't] spy on you. AI RoboForm has received very positive reviews from publications such as The Wall St Journal, Financial Times and PC Magazine. "

Gaston P. writes:

" I have been using RoboForm for some time now it works pretty well (and doesn't contain Spyware). There is also a Pro version that has more features; here are some traits of the free version:

  • Save password info from login form
  • Auto fill password info to login form
  • Automatic login to online accounts
  • Fill long online forms from Identities
  • Save 'offline passwords' to Safenotes
  • Generate Secure Random Passwords "

RoboForm: Operating system and Browser Compatibility

RoboForm works on all versions of Windows as an add-on to the following browsers: IE4-6, AOL5-8, MSN-8, NN7, and Mozilla.

You can download RoboForm (latest version) using the link below:


Thanks to all who sent their suggestions!

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