Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express conflicting?

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Infopackets Reader Frank C. asks:

" I have recently upgraded to [a full install of MS Office] and [subsequently] also installed Microsoft Outlook. I have always used Outlook Express for receiving and sending emails, but now Outlook is receiving some of my mails ... [while] at other times, the mail comes or goes through Outlook Express. [I would like to only use Outlook Express as my default email client]. What do I do?"

My Response:

I have also chosen to install the "full installation" of Microsoft Office and have also noticed what Frank is referring to. By default, a full installation of MS Office will place an icon for Microsoft Outlook on the desktop.

Indeed, this can be confusing -- especially since "Outlook" and "Outlook Express" not only sound similar, but look similar after the program is launched. To correct the problem, reinstate Outlook Express as the default email client:

  • Load Outlook Express
  • Go to Tools -> Options -> General Tab
  • Under the heading, "Default messaging programs", click "Make this program the default mail Handler"

If you want to move your emails from Outlook to Outlook Express: simply forward your Microsoft Outlook emails to yourself, close the program, and then use Outlook Express to re-download them.

You can also remove the Outlook icon from your desktop (if you are no longer using it) by dragging it to your Recycle Bin.

Shortly after emailing this newsletter, Bill emailed me back with a few more pointers:

" Thanks for your help: it pointed me in the right direction. However, there is a few more necessary steps to complete the process: After setting Outlook Express as default email handler, go to: Outlook -> Tools -> Options -> Mail Setup and select Email Accounts. Once there, Select View Accounts and delete any accounts that have been installed by the Installation program. Otherwise, Outlook still tries to log on and reports an error if it can't. "

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