Windows XP Dialup Internet reports 'no connection available'?, Part 2

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Recall --

On Monday, Temple D. told me of a familiar problem with Windows XP and Dialup Networking:

" I have just bought a new Dell computer that has Windows XP and I use dial-up Internet. Every time I disconnect from the Internet, my computer defaults back to 'Never Dial a Connection'. I've reset it to 'always dial my default connection', hit 'Apply', and 'OK' -- but, when I try to connect again, I get an error message which reads 'No Connection Available.' Subsequently, when I go into Tools -> Internet Options -> Connections, the option 'Never Dial a Connection' has been re-enabled (again!). What do I have to do to keep this from happening?"

My response:

Since I don't use dialup networking, I searched Google and Microsoft Knowledge Base for leads, but wasn't able to come up with anything concrete.

I asked Infopackets Readers for help, and received many responses.

One suggestion in particular was provided by Darren W., which pointed me to Microsoft Knowledge Base article #327980: "The New Connection Wizard Does Not Set the 'Always Dial My Default Connection' Setting".

From the Microsoft Knowledgebase Web site:

" Symptoms

When you run the New Connection Wizard to create a new Internet connection, your dial-up and virtual private network settings in Internet Explorer are set to the Never dial a connection setting instead of the Always dial my default connection setting.

Therefore, Internet Explorer does not automatically dial your default Dial-up Networking connection when you want an Internet connection. This behavior occurs even if you select the Make this the default Internet connection option in the New Connection Wizard. NOTE: By default, the Make this the default Internet connection option is selected in the New Connection Wizard.


To work around this issue, use the Internet Connection Wizard (Inetwiz.exe) instead of the New Connection Wizard to create a new Internet connection or manually set the Always dial my default connection option [below].

To Manually Set the Default Connection:

  1. In Control Panel, start the Internet Options tool.
  2. On the Connections tab, click Always dial my default connection.
  3. Click OK. ";en-us;327980

To use the Internet Connection Wizard:

  1. Press Start / Run.
  2. Type Inetwiz.exe.
  3. Press OK.

Thanks to all who wrote in!

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