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Three days a week I entertain Readers with articles I write based on real life computing problems. This time, I'm the one with a dilemma on my hands.

Since April of this year, readership of this newsletter has blossomed from 50,000 to (now) 237,000 readers -- with 1,000 new members subscribing each day.

Not long ago, things were very different.

Up until this past August, the newsletter was sent out in full length / HTML (graphical) format -- but all of that came to a halt when it was no longer efficient or financially feasible. I have since reduced the size of the email newsletter by making it plain text only, and have shortened the featured articles ... but it appears that the problem has come full circle once more.

How to deal with the ever-growing Infopackets Population?

As it stands now, the newsletter takes almost 17 hours to send to 237,000 readers -- and that's even after being reduced by 1/7th its normal size! Because the newsletter takes so long to send, there is constant strain on the web server and it's causing performance issues.

The only viable solution I can think of is to rent another web server, but it is very costly.

Side note: In the future I plan to use RSS feeds, but this won't do much to alleviate the problem simply because most users will still prefer to receive the newsletter via email. For those who don't know: RSS is a format for syndicating news and the content of news-like sites (done almost instantly and without the need for email).

Rallying Support from Readers

Funding of this web site comes directly from those who have donated in the past ($5 here, $10 there), purchased software through infopackets, or one of my supplemental eBooks and learning videos. For all who have supported this web site in the past, I thank you whole-heartedly.

However, the truth is that I cannot continue to publish the Gazette unless something is done to alleviate the strain on the web server.

OK -- what can *you* do to help?

First of all: please do something.

It is a fact that only a very small percentage of readers actively support this newsletter by making purchases online. The rest of the funds come out of my own pocket.

Having said that, there are a number of ways you can help out:

  1. Donate money using PayPal ($5, $10, $20, whatever)
  2. Donate money with a Credit Card using the form below via our Secure Server. Note: there is a $10 minimum.
  3. Purchase one or two of my downloadable eBook or learning videos: As an additional incentive, I have discounted *all* of my eBooks / videos to $12.95 for the next 7 days. Plus you'll receive an additional 25% off if you buy more than 2 tutorials at once!
  4. Buy software which I've reviewed: Click here to read what Infopackets Readers think about some of the software I've reviewed in this newsletter.
  5. Do you have a product or service to sell? Consider advertising in the Infopackets Newsletter!

And, here are a few other things you can do to help out:

  • Send emotional support: at times like this, I need all the support I can get. Write me an email and tell me how much you enjoy reading this newsletter.
  • And lastly: please tell friends about the infopackets web site.
  • Thank you!

    Inspiring comments: What does mean to you?

    Over the past two and a half years, I've set aside a number of sincere comments which (literally) fuel me to write this newsletter. Here are just a few: " I am a very new subscriber to your newsletter and I love it. I just recently purchased my very first computer and have learned a great deal from your newsletters. I honestly hope you never stop sending them out as you have me as a lifetime subscriber and fan. I thank you so very much for offering this opportunity. " ~ Judith Pasishnek

    " My, My, how you have grown. When I joined there were about 50k subscribers, and now you have up to 200k [now it's 237k!]. Really it shouldn't surprise me, anytime I look at your newsletter, there is always something interesting to learn which I do, so avidly. Thanks again. " ~ Olga Trujillo

    " I want to make a point that people such as you are remarkable. I have been a subscriber for quite a while, and the effort put in by you is unique. We, in Australia, also appreciate that we are accessible to the Gazette. I am self-taught in computers, and it is from the effort that people like you give for free, so that people like me can learn the 'nuts and bolts', of our technological era. I thank you for all the assistance which you have given to me, in turn, I help many people around the world to unravel their own electronic ball of string. Thanks, Dennis, Very Much. " ~ Jon D. Lord from Australia

    " I just want to thank you for the great newsletter that you send out! This is my second one and is highly informative! I just got my computer a month ago so I have so much to learn. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I knew that you were a computer genius when I read your first newsletter! You really know your stuff!!!! " ~ Brenda Brown

    " I came upon your publication quite by accident and I am so thrilled with it, I can't tell you, and I'm not usually at a loss for words! This is my second computer but I've been tempted to throw it over a cliff if I could manage to do so. Now I've changed my mind since if I took that route, I'd miss every issue of infopackets. Can't have that happen as it means so much to me. " ~ Dorothy Letarte

    " Great newsletter. I am a computer professional of roughly 35 years experience. I can't remember now, where I came across your news letter. Though you are geared to newbies, you have the answers to questions people like me need but don't always have time to find! " ~ Chuck, a Computer Professional

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