Florida Cops Caught Playing Wii During Drug Bust

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It seems no one can get enough of Nintendo's popular Wii video game console, these days. Amidst rumors that the system's price could drop $50 down to $200 within the next month, emergent images from Florida now show police officers caught playing Wii on the job -- in the middle of a drug raid, no less!

According to reports, the Polk County, Florida cops recently busted up the home of Michael Difalco, an accused drug dealer. While ransacking Difalco's place for illegal substances, the police stumbled upon a Nintendo Wii console equipped with motion-sensitive gameplay. (Source: zdnet.com)

Cops Caught Wii Bowling during Bust

It's suggested that the Wii and Difalco's big-screen television were purchased with drug money, and so the cops went ahead with their own type of investigation -- playing the Wii in the middle of an accused drug dealer's home. The images that have emerged, including a video posted on YouTube, include several police offers playing a game of Wii bowling.

Imagine their reaction after finding out that Difalco had a hidden camera running in his home the entire time. The camera was encased in a fake speaker attached to Difalco's computer, which the police failed to seize and search.

Questions Raised

The Polk County investigation is under national scrutiny for what some call a lack of professionalism.

Defense attorney Rick Escobar believes the video, which he released to the public, is evidence that the police violated Difalco's rights. Shooting back was Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd, who admitted that although Wii playing was hardly by-the-book, emphasized that they "... executed [the] search warrant appropriately from a legal sense." (Source: dailytech.com)

So who wins in the case of the Polk County Players? Certainly it's not the police, who look like teenagers hopped up on the old man's beer and candy. It probably won't help Difalco's case, either. Perhaps the only winner here is Nintendo, which can now say that their system is so much fun, that not even cops rooting through a drug den can deny its charm.

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