Windows 8: How to Use the Windows 8 Mail App

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If you've been stymied by the intricacies of email in Windows 8, you're not alone. An Infopackets subscriber asks:

"Dear Infopackets,

I just got Windows 8 and am interested in trying out the new Windows 8 Mail program. But I can't figure it out. It seems things have changed a lot since I last used Outlook in Windows 7.

Do you have any tips on how to use this software properly?


Brian D."

My response:

You're right, Brian. Windows 8 Mail is a lot different from Outlook, Windows Live Mail, or any other email client you've used before.

But that's not necessarily a bad thing. Microsoft has introduced some new features that make this new software a very exciting email client.

Windows 8 Mail: Faster, Easier to Navigate

First, this is an extremely fast program. You won't be dealing with slow-loading emails when using Windows 8 Mail.

Second, it allows you to easily organize your emails and email clients in a way that makes accessing both extremely easy. Emails from multiple email clients get funneled into a single, easy-to-read user interface.

Upon opening Windows 8 Mail, you'll find folders listed in the left, email titles placed in the middle of the screen, and -- once they've been clicked -- email contents will appear to the right.

If spelling isn't a strength, don't worry -- Microsoft has included a spell checker.

Setting Up Window 8 Mail

Here's how to get set up with the new Windows 8 Mail.

Start by clicking on the Windows 8 Mail live tile.

Next, access the 'Charms' bar along the right-hand side of the screen. Click 'Settings,' then 'Account,' and finally 'Add an Account.'

You'll be presented with a list of the most popular mail services. Whether you use Yahoo Mail, Google, Hotmail, or Outlook, just select the proper icons.

For each one you select, you'll be asked for your log-in and password data. Thankfully, the technical stuff will be configured for you.

Once everything is set up to work properly, your Gmail, Hotmail, or other web-based Internet email accounts will automatically send your emails directly to the Windows 8 Mail app. Now you can access those emails without having to open a browser like Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.

You can also ask Windows 8 Mail to accept messages using other email clients. Just click on 'View All' in the 'Settings' tab and click 'Other Account.' Again, you'll be asked for vital information related to your account.

If you have entered your information correctly, you will receive the message "Your email account is successfully configured." Click 'Finish.'

Now you can go into the 'Accounts' tab, if you wish, and customize your email settings by adding a signature, enabling automatic image downloads, or scheduling inbox updates.

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