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It appears that Infopackets Readers leave quite an impressionable footprint when visiting a web site that has been mentioned in the Infopackets newsletter.

At least, that's what Andrew Finkle of Siber Systems informed me today. Since mid-April of this year, well over 2,000 Infopackets Readers have downloaded an installed RoboForm on their machine.

Reminder: What is RoboForm?

RoboForm remembers and completes web-form data on web sites.

If you frequent sites which require login information (IE: user name and password) -- or, if you just plain hate filling out repetitive web-form data, RoboForm is a must have utility!

RoboForm: free to use, but the Pro version has more to offer. The free version of RoboForm can store up to 30 entries and is limited to 1 user identity. RoboForm Pro can store unlimited pass-cards, multiple user identities (for those who share a family PC), and is much more flexible in the way it manages form data.

Neither versions of RoboForm contain Adware or Spyware.

And, now for some really Great News!

Andrew wanted me to let you all know that he really appreciates the continuing support from Infopackets Readers and would like to put forth a very special offer, as an incentive to upgrade to RoboForm Pro.

He writes:

" Hi, Dennis! We appreciate the response that your readers have given us and are always looking for users to send in their comments about AI RoboForm: both good and bad. As a way of saying 'thank you' for introducing RoboForm to your readers, and for all of those who were kind enough to send in their comments about RoboForm, we would like to offer [your readers a chance to upgrade to the Pro version at a substantial savings].

For a limited time, your readers may purchase RoboForm Pro and save 30% from the retail price. We have set up a specially discounted RoboForm for your users ... [for the next 7 days]. You may also be interested to know that we have never before discounted RoboForm since the product's inception! ... Thank you for all you have done in the past, and for a great newsletter. "

Side note: Thank you, Andrew, for the kind words and for offering my Readers a break. RoboForm is an outstanding program and I use it countless times a day. It is certainly well worth every penny!

To purchase the discounted RoboForm Pro

  1. Important: download the latest (specially discounted) version of RoboForm, and install it on your system. You will have to close all web browser Windows for it to install. If you are reading this from a browser, bookmark this page and come back to it after RoboForm has been downloaded and installed.  
  2. Proceed to the Siber Systems discount payment page:  
  3. Enter the discount code "INP" (no quotes), and click the Update Total button. You will see the price change from $29.99 to $19.97.

To download the latest, free version of RoboForm:

The file for the free version of RoboForm is the same as the one used for the discount. However, once the discount code expires online the Siber Systems web site, this version of RoboForm will revert back to the regular retail price of $29.99.

Note: this offer has been extended until August 7th, so be sure to get your copy today!

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