How to Fix: Task Manager Top Menu and Tabs Missing

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Infopackets Reader James R. writes:

" Dear Dennis,

I just upgraded to Windows 10 and something strange has happened to my Task Manager. When I press CTRL + ALT + DEL on the keyboard, then click on the 'Task Manager' option, it brings up the Task Manager window - but the top menu of Task Manager is missing. Normally I would see 'File', 'Options', 'View' menus, plus the tabs (such as Processes, Performance, Details, etc) but neither of those are present. What gives? "

My response:

According to Microsoft Knowledge Base Article #193050, what you are describing is Task Manager that is operating in "Tiny Footprint Mode".

How to Fix: Task Manager Top Menu and Tabs Missing

Based on my experience, the easiest way to disable Tiny Footprint Mode is to double click the top portion Task Manager - just below the border - and it should literally bounce back with menus and tabs present.

Re-Enabling Task Manager Tiny Footprint Mode

From what I've read online, you can re-enable Tiny Footprint Mode by double clicking on the space surrounding the tabs (Processes, Performance, Details, etc) on Task Manager, however, I was not able to do that on my machine. This information is also based on the Microsoft Knowledge Based article.

I tried double left clicking on everything I could think of to get Task Manager into Tiny Footprint Mode but Task Manager remained the same. The only thing that worked for me was to double click on the "Performance" tab, which then displayed "Performance" in Tiny Footprint Mode - but the other tabs were unaffected. Please note that the "More Details" and "Fewer Details" button on Task Manager is NOT the same as Tiny Footprint Mode. In Tiny Footprint Mode, there is no "More Details" or "Fewer Details" button (click for pic) - hence the confusion when people first see Tiny Footprint Mode for the first time.

Anyone else reading this who is able to successfully switch into Tiny Footprint Mode aside from the Performance menu is more than welcome to drop their comments below. If you wish to experience what Tiny Footprint Mode looks like please expand your Task Manager into Full Details, then double click the "Performance" tab at the top. To get out of Tiny Footprint Mode, double click just below the top border.

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I clicked on "More Options" and it brought up all the details.

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The "More Detail" button is not the same as "Tiny Footprint Mode" (click for pic). In Tiny Footprint mode there is no option for a "More Details" button, hence the reason it is extremely confusing and difficult to transition into "regular" task manager mode if you've never seen Tiny Footprint Mode before.

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I have windows 10 version 1607. Task manager has a button at the bottom that says "More Details". Click that an your get more info and the button now says "fewer details". If I exit and rerun it comes up with the last option that I chose.