Say Goodbye to the Roboform Toolbar in Firefox. Here's why

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Infopackets Reader Dan L. writes:

" Dear Dennis,

I imagine that you might soon be hearing from your users about Roboform having suddenly lost its toolbar feature in FireFox.

If not, here's the answer: starting with the recently issued Roboform 8.3.7, the RoboForm extension will no longer include a full static toolbar above the content pane of Firefox. Instead, you get a button with a message that reads ("Click this button to show RoboForm commands") with a vertical menu, similar to how Roboform works in Chrome.

I found an article at RoboForm that explains the changes - and it seems that Mozilla has decided to fully embrace the use of WebExtensions starting with Firefox version 57 due out in the fall. With this release, the use of full static toolbars will no longer be allowed, though technically Mozilla has been implementing this plan since Firefox 53. Frankly, I think this is horrible in terms of usability.

The only solution at the moment (should you wish to continue using the toolbar) appears to be to roll back to the previous version of Roboform 8.3.5. But that, of course, only delays the inevitable. Anyway, I thought you might want to hang on to this information since the question may come rolling in soon. Keep up your good work! "

My response:

Thanks for the info. I had been putting off the update for the last week or so because I've been so busy with remote desktop support, and didn't want any surprises - then you sent me this email. I've just installed the latest version of Roboform today ( to see what it was like, and you are right - the menu, and even the icons, have changed dramatically.

A few months back I was about to ditch Firefox completely, because it was eating ridiculous amounts of RAM - even today it will eat 2.7 GB of RAM on my machine, which then causes Firefox to slow down quite a bit - and so I started looking at Chrome as a replacement. That said, I noticed the Roboform layout in Chrome was completely different than what it looked like in Firefox - similar to how you are describing now.

Eventually I decided to stick with Firefox because I still use a few extensions that simply aren't available in Chrome. At this time I decided to completely remove and reinstall Firefox - and in the process, got rid of a few Firefox extensions (hoping this was going to resolve the Firefox RAM issue I was having).

By removing the extensions, it changed my layout of Firefox completely. There didn't seem to be any place to fit Roboform on my toolbar any longer - so I decided to try using Roboform with only the Roboform icon present, rather than the full toolbar you are describing. I can tell you now, I actually prefer to use it this way because it's very tidy.

As you mentioned, Firefox 57 is due out later this year, and that is going to have an impact on a lot of add-ons and extensions. Be prepared that many of your extensions may no longer work when this update comes out. Most importantly, however, is that older versions of Roboform are no longer going to work - so you might as well get used to it now.

I've placed my Roboform icon between the address bar and the search bar, as this makes the most sense to me. Give it a try! It's not that bad.

Thanks for the tip! If anyone else has an opinion, feel free to leave your two cents in the comments below.

Are you Still Using Roboform 7? Time to Upgrade!

Firefox 57 will be due out in a few months and if you haven't already upgraded to Roboform 8, now is the time to do it. Even if you don't use Firefox, Roboform is continually under development and will always need updating, and holding onto older versions simply isn't viable for the same reasons mentioned in this article. If you need help with the transition to Roboform 8, I can help. I can also help setup a 'centralized Roboform database' so that you can use Roboform 8 on multiple computers in the home (or office) so that they all share the same Roboform data. If anyone reading this article needs help upgrading to Roboform 8: simply contact me briefly describing the issue and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Didn't Firefox come about because they wanted to offer more user choices and so designed it to be modular where you can add what you want and not add what you don't want.

They have slowly over time gotten to be what they once were against. They have taken choice away from the user.

You might like not having a static toolbar and you should be able to not have it. I might like having a static toolbar and I should be able to have that.

Mozilla has become Microsoft. When MS released Windows 8, they said that you couldn't have to old start menu anymore. It just wasn't possible any longer. And then third parties came out with software that restored the old start menu and still does even in Windows 10 (Classic Shell for example). I remember when Firefox moved the address bar and said that had to do it that way to comply with something or other. And then someone made an extension that moved it back.

I'm in the process of deciding to ditch RoboForm and now it looks like I might just have to ditch Firefox, too. I realize that there really isn't much choice as everyone is trying to be Chrome and I hate Chrome, but at least Opera has a built in VPN so that is a plus for them.

It seems that giving the user a choice is dead. It's do it my way or the highway. However, all of the highways seem to be exactly the same these days.

daniel k_8060's picture

I agree with you totally except for One small detail. Opera browser was sold to a "Chinese consortium 'in July 2016. See

Now if you totally trust the kings of copy, and spying then stick with Opera. I am also disappointed in the ram consumption of Firefox & the crashes and was about to download Opera when I found out about this.

Anyone have a good alternative?

neila1818_9479's picture

I think i have found a workaround for the problem with the Roboform toolbar. What i did was add an additional (i used classic theme restorer) toolbar and moved my fox forecast into it. The weather now shows above the tabs.
I Then went into the roboform add-ons (options) and put a check mark in the top box "show lower form toolbar". It now shows everything in the toolbar: notes..identities....fill forms....clears fields....etc.etc....
Plus if you click the roboform icon at the beginning you have all of the regular options.


sytruck_8413's picture


2.7GB RAM, yikes. I use Cyberfox 64 and I see 750MB. I have maybe 12 tabs open. Probably not a lot in your world.

Don't know how many of you use Quicken but the latest update breaks it. (For me, Quicken 2016 Deluxe, R12.) The drop down menus become virtually unusable. After searching I found a work around. Alt-T will allow you to use the drop-down menus correctly. Takes a moment to get the hang of it but it works. Took awhile to find but hope that helps someone.


dan_2160's picture


Much to my pleasant surprise, R12 did not break my Quicken 2016 Deluxe. I did have a problem with the latest update to QuickBooks Pro 2015 where my data would not convert to the new version. But that was on my computer before I did a complete rebuild last month to the AMD Ryzen platform -- and fresh installation of Windows 10 Pro. I suspect there was something kinky with my system that caused the problem and it's possible that your computer may have something just a little bit awry causing the same problem.

One possible workaround is to download the latest Quicken Deluxe 2016 file (fully updated to R12) and install that after uninstalling your current Quicken Deluxe 2016. Maybe that will get everything working the way it should. Just be sure to jot down all your printer settings for checks (alignment, etc.) in case they get lost. I hope this helps.