How to Fix: Windows 10 Taskbar Unreadable (Text too Dark)

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Infopackets Reader Jerry B. writes:

" Dear Dennis,

With Windows 7 reaching end of life in January 2020, I decided to upgrade my machine to Windows 10. Everything went fine without a hitch, except for one small issue. The Windows 10 task bar is very difficult to read - especially the clock and any running tasks. I have another Windows 10 machine that I use daily and I can clearly see the writing on the task bar. I have searched Google for 'windows 10 taskbar unreadable' and 'windows 10 task bar font black' and 'windows 10 task bar text too dark', and similar searches, but I can seem to nail this one down. I have tried adjusting font colors and other things but it makes no difference. Can you please help! "

My response:

I asked Jerry if he would like me to connect to his system using my remote desktop support service in order to have a closer look, and he agreed.

Below I will discuss my findings.

How to Fix: Windows 10 Taskbar Unreadable (Text too Dark)

When I first connected with Jerry I noticed that the task bar text was very dark and it almost appeared as if his clock was missing.

A few possibilities went through my mind: one of them being that his user account may have corrupted during the upgrade, which is actually quite common. I enabled the administrator account using an administrative command prompt, then logged out of Jerry's account and signed in as Administrator. The task bar was back to normal - but only using the Administrator account.

I decided to go back to Jerry's user account to see if I could somehow adjust the task bar settings.

One thing that struck me as being very odd was that Jerry's File Explorer windows were also very dark. I know for a fact that when you install Windows 10 it will automatically generate a 'theme' of colors based on the theme of your previous Windows installation - assuming you've done an upgrade.

That's when it hit me - resetting the theme would likely fix the issue.

To test my theory, I did the following:

  1. I right-clicked an empty space on Jerry's desktop, then selected the "Personalize" option.
  2. The Settings window appeared; I then navigated to "Themes" on the left hand side of the window.
  3. The "Themes" window appeared; under the heading "Apply a theme", I selected "Windows" (which was the first result).

Voila! The task bar was now readable.

If you have a similar problem, this will likely fix the issue; if it does not then it may be that the user account is corrupt - and if that's the case, you can contact me for further assistance.

I hope that helps!

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