Will Genie Backup Restore My Applications?

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Infopackets Reader Paul D. writes:

" Dear Infopackets Team,

I was impressed by the reviews of Genie Backup that I read through infopackets.

However, one thing is unclear: can Genie Backup Manager (GBM) also backup installed programs and applications? I ask this because backing up an installed program is not as obvious as just copying over the folder where the program is installed to; it is a well known fact that many programs install to multiple [unknown] locations on a PC, including the system registry. I have Paint Shop Pro 9 and a few other applications I'd like to backup but am worried they won't restore properly if and when the time comes. Can you help? "

My response:

There are plugins for Genie Backup Manager for some programs (such as Outlook Express), but the list is limited. GBM is more for personal file backup, plus it also backs up a few Windows essentials (including: address book, outlook express, favorites / bookmarks, the registry, etc).

If you intend only to make a backup of personal files using GBM but would also like to keep a copy of all your installed programs, your best bet here would be to set aside the setup.exe's in a separate folder [I assume you download most of your programs before installing them to Windows]. With that said, append your serial / registration information as part of the setup file names. Then, if you need to reinstall the program at a later date, you will have all the information with you.

For example, if you registered Paint Shop Pro 9 and just downloaded it, rename the file to: Paint shop pro 9, serial number and registration info.exe.

It might also be a good idea to backup the installed directory as well using Genie Backup, in case any user data is saved there. Now, if you ever have to reinstall the setup file due to a system crash, just reinstall over top of your previous install folder (once it has been restored, of course).

On the other hand: if you've got a bunch of installed programs and cannot get the setup.exe files off the Internet any more, the next best option here is to make an image backup of your entire computer using a disk imaging program, such as like Acronis True Image. In this case, everything gets backed up and there is no need to re-enter registration information (although, it's always a good idea to have a hardcopy of that kind of stuff).

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