Panicware PopUp Stopper Pro Review

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You've probably seen me mention PopUp Stopper Pro in the Gazette Newsletter before, but I have never done in an depth review on its features -- especially the Privacy Control that is offered.

So, here goes!

What is Panicware PopUp Stopper Professional?

PopUp Stopper Pro is a program which eliminates unwanted web browser PopUp advertisements.

PopUp Stopper Pro can also remove both Windows and Personal History Items, thereby providing the user with greater privacy control.

Panicware PopUp Stopper: PopUp Blocking features

  • Supports all major web browsers: AOL, MSN, Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera, SBC Yahoo, and more.
  • Blocked PopUp Alert modes: When a PopUp is encountered, PopUp stopper can be configured to do one of three things: flash in the tray bar, display an alert message, or play one of over 20 fun sound samples included in the program.
  • PopUp Heuristics*: PopUp Stopper Pro automatically blocks PopUps; there is no need to maintain "blacklisted" (offending web sites) which contain abusive PopUps.
  • Stops Messenger Popup ads: Messenger popups are the latest "craze" in popup spam and can appear even if you're not using a web browser.

Side note: Heuristics is the application of experience-derived knowledge to a problem. With respect to PopUp Stopper Pro, heuristics are used to filter out interruptive PopUp and PopUnder windows.

PopUp Stopper Pro: also works with Friendly PopUps

PopUp Stopper Pro can be configured to accept a list of web sites with friendly PopUps*. The PopUp blocking 'mechanism' in PopUp Stopper can be temporarily disabled by holding down the CTRL key while surfing, or by double left-clicking on the program icon located in the Windows tray bar.

Side note: Yes, friendly PopUps do exist! Compared to abusive PopUps which appear without a call-to-action, a friendly PopUp launches only when a link on a web page is clicked. The purpose of a friendly PopUp is to provide the user with greater degree of browsing control, especially when viewing / comparing multiple sites at once.

PopUp Stopper Pro: Privacy Control features

Identity theft is a serious problem!

PopUp Stopper Pro has extensive features which can remove personal "tidbits" of data from Windows -- all out of harms way. Items include:

Personal Windows History

  • Recent Document history
  • Windows Find history
  • Windows Run [program] history
  • Empty the Recycle bin
  • Empty the clipboard

Personal Browser History: Internet Explorer and MSN Messenger

  • Clear drop-down URL [address bar] history
  • Clear Browser history, cache, and temporary files
  • Clear / manage cookies (choose which cookies to keep)

PopUp Stopper Pro: Free Updates

Panicware offers free (and automated) updates of PopUp Stopper Pro for 1 full year.

PopUp Stopper Pro: Usability and Performance

I have personally used Panicware's PopUp Stopper for over 2 years and so far haven't found any other piece of software that offers better PopUp control.

I especially like the fact that I don't have to constantly "blacklist" offending sites in order to maintain the control: PopUp stopper simply blocks all PopUps unless I tell it not to.

PopUp Stopper Pro: Special Download Offer for Infopackets Readers!

Not too long ago, I got in touch with the people at Panicware and told them about the Infopackets Newsletter and how much I enjoyed using their product.

I asked Panicware if it was possible to offer a discount for readers of this newsletter, and I'm very pleased to announce that they've responded with a generous 20% discount from the retail price!

If you're sick and tired of annoying PopUp ads, like I am, I'm sure you'll also find that PopUp Stopper Pro is a virtual Godsend -- especially for any parent wishing to block those especially nasty pornographic PopUp ads from their children's eyes!

Download your copy of PopUp Stopper Pro today.

Don't forget to enter the discount code "SMILE" (without quotes), using the link below!

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