Uninstall Matcli vendor support?

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Infopackets Readers Sid M. writes:

" An icon with the word 'Matcli' appears on my task bar at every boot up. As soon as I open a program, Matcli goes away. I did a little research on Matcli and found that it is an acronym which stands for Motive Chorus Command Line Interface. The purpose of Matcli is to gather information about your system's identity like your name, email address, city, state, etc, and all of this gets written to a log file.

One of the sites I visited told me that in order to remove Matcli, I need to 'uninstall HP instant support'. Unfortunately, I don't have any HP hardware or software on my system! I have tried different things to get rid of it, but I can not figure out what it has attached itself to. Are you familiar with this and how can I remove it? "

My response:

After visiting annoyances.org, I found quite a few people complaining about the same problem. From what I understand, Matcli is bundled with software that comes from an Internet Service Provider (such as Verizon, and Adelphia, for example) or hardware manufacture (such as Hewlett Packard [HP] printers). Apparently, Matcli is used for diagnostics and customer support for vendors.

It has been reported that Matcli may interfere with other programs and cause the computer to lock up. Furthermore, Spyware removers won't identify this program simply because it's "not Spyware". However, there is much concern about Matcli since it collects personal and private information.

Uninstalling Matcli

To uninstall Matcli, remove any "support program" listed in the Add / Remove Programs (via the Control Panel). For example, the program called "HP's instant support" is directly linked to Matcli. Removing the support program will remove Matcli from the system.

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