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What's the name of the software you use most often to write letters, do financial calculations, create presentations, and all the rest?

If you're like 95% of people using personal computers, it's Microsoft Office. And if you're like 95% of those Microsoft Office users, you wish there were something better.

Well now there is.

Introducing Ashampoo Office Suite

Ashampoo Office is a professional-quality software suite that gives you all the most used, most important elements of Microsoft Office and all for barely a fifth of the price.

The price itself would be a great deal, but in many ways Ashampoo Office is actually better than Microsoft Office. We'll run through some of those advantages later, but here's the big one:

Ashampoo's Office 2008 is slim and efficient!

The basic edition of MS Office occupies a whopping 1.5GBs of computer storage, and having your computer sort through all that code makes the program sluggish.

Even if you install MS Office and choose only the basic options, you are still looking at using hundreds of megabytes of computer code. Perhaps even more importantly, MS Office sucks up your computer's precious memory space, resulting in freezes, delays, and even crashes.

In contrast, the entire Ashampoo Office system can be stored on a portable USB memory stick, and takes up just 64MB! That's less than 5% of the space MS Office requires, which translates to quicker load times. And best of all, it's 100% compatible with MS Office!

Indeed, lightness of touch is Ashampoo Office 2008's greatest calling card ... Office 2008 full installation requires only 50MB. In the ultraportable era where users eschew bloatware, [Ashampoo Office 2008 is a good thing]! ~ PCAdvisor

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Ashampoo Office: Only The Essentials

So, what corners did Ashampoo cut to get the program so slimmed down?

Well, as far as everyday word processing, charting, spreadsheets, and presentations are concerned -- everything is presented in the familiar look and feel of MS Office.

What's missing, of course, are the less-used programs like MS Access, Front Page, Outlook, Infopath, and Publisher.

If you frequently turn to any of these programs, you'll be disappointed it's not available in Ashampoo Office; that said, you can easily get along with a third-party substitute found online.

For the vast majority of PC users, however, Ashampoo Office will meet their needs just fine.

As Good as Microsoft Office... and in Some Ways, Better

If you're comfortable with any of the Microsoft Office programs, you'll feel right at home with the Ashampoo office equivalents: Textmaker (MS Word), Planmaker (Excel) and Presentations (PowerPoint). That's because they not only look the same: the operating the same way, too.

Put simply, Ashampoo's Office 2008 gives you everything you know and love from Microsofts Office's Word, Excel and PowerPoint programs, and that makes the learning curve as shallow as it can be.

Office 2008: 100% Compatible with MS Office

One drawback you often find with alternatives software is that data files are either incompatible, or don't work as well as intended. But with Ashampoo Office, that's simply not the case.

All MS Word document (.DOC), Excel spreadsheet (.XLS), and PowerPoint Presentation files (.PPT) are 100% compatible with Ashampoo Office, and vice versa. All the documents I opened and edited in Ashampoo Office could easily be saved and then opened again in MS Office.

The most important thing is the fact that reading and writing in the original Word, Excel and PowerPoint files [cause no loss of] content ... in terms of formatting [when using Ashampoo Office]. ~

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New Features for The 2008 Edition

The newest version of Ashampoo Office now includes a PDF (portable document format) file maker, which is increasingly important these days. Anytime you're working in Ashampoo Office it's a straightforward matter to create an Adobe Acrobat PDF version of your current document -- something even Microsoft Office can't do without third party add-on software. 

I was impressed by the ease of use and simplicity of this feature, particularly in comparison to the many standalone PDF creation programs I've tried, most of which either don't work properly or are available for only a limited trial unless you stump up a hefty fee.

The 2008 edition of Ashampoo Office also offers full integration between documents, spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations. This means it's an absolute breeze to share information between them using cut and paste with your mouse.

Use Ashampoo Office on your USB Memory Stick!

One of the most impressive features of Ashampoo Office is how easily you can copy the entire software package to a USB memory stick and run it on any machine without needing to go through a lengthy or cumbersome installation process.

This will be extremely useful if you ever travel away from home and want to work on a borrowed computer in a friend's home, colleague's office, or cybercafe. The instant availability of Ashampoo Office on any compatible computer completely eliminates the problem of wanting to work on an office document when Microsoft Office isn't available and (for obvious security reasons) you aren't allowed to install programs on the borrowed machine.

Ashampoo Office 2008 manages to combine user-friendliness, speed and stability in a reasonably priced package, making it is a genuinely feasible Microsoft Office alternative. ~ ComputerActive

Ashampoo Office 2008: Conclusion

You have seen testimonials from professional publications throughout this review. But when I review software, I also check sites such as to see if everyday users' feedback matches my conclusions and if there's anything I've missed.

Regarding Ashampoo Office, I was blown away. Of 38 reviews at, 36 people rated this powerful software package either four or five stars (out of five). Believe me, given the way most people speak out only when they have something to complain about, that's an amazing response!

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