Registry Mechanic 4 Review

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Great news!

PCTools, the authors of the incredibly popular flagship utility 'Registry Mechanic', have just recently released version 4.0. If you've been keeping up with our newsletter, you've undoubtedly heard me mention this extremely beneficial utility a number of times in the past.

Reminder: What is Registry Mechanic?

Registry Mechanic is by far the most widely regarded Windows Registry Cleaner on the Internet -- not only because it's received countless rave reviews from credible online sources, but also because it is one of the few Registry cleaners on the market that actually delivers what it promises.

Side note: The Windows Registry is one of the most important components of the Windows Operating System. The Registry is actually a database that stores everything about your computer, including: all your installed applications, hardware drivers, program settings, and the like.

Because the System Registry is such a core component of Windows, it is vitally important that the data it contains remains valid; otherwise, system performance and stability may be compromised.

Symptoms of a poorly configured or un-optimized System Registry can result in sluggish system performance, spontaneous and strange error messages, system crashes, and the infamous Blue Screen of Death.

OK -- so how does Registry Mechanic work?

Registry Mechanic works by reversing the damage done to your Registry, often caused by poorly designed programs which have been installed and uninstalled to your system over a period of time. Once the damage has been reversed by Registry Mechanic, system stability and performance are reclaimed.

" I bought a new Compaq computer and it worked great for months, then became slower than I thought it should be. After installing Registry Mechanic, I noticed a remarkable change in how my computer worked. Admittedly, I was skeptical at first... but after seeing the results, I am a true believer in the product. I recommend this program to everyone. Thanks, Dennis, for another great recommendation. " ~ Paul B., Infopackets Reader

Registry Mechanic v4.0: Features

  • Patented Deep Registry Scan: burrows its way through the Registry and identifies, suggests and repairs errors. The new Deep Scan technology utilizes an advanced drill-down algorithm that provides a highly efficient, safe, and intelligent registry optimization and cleaning not found in any other Registry Cleaner on the market.
  • Repairs errors in only a few mouse clicks: Registry Mechanic's Newbie-friendly and easy-to-use interface identifies problematic areas, and explains actions in non-technical terms.
  • Set-it-and-forget-it technology: Registry Mechanic (RM) can perform quick-and-easy maintenance every time Windows starts in order to ensure continuing optimization and registry longevity; RM also makes backups of all changes made to the Registry so that restoration is possible.
  • New in v4.0: following with other utilities released by PC Tools, Registry Mechanic v4.0 has a new and improved interface; also noted in v4.0 is the significantly improved scanning speed (much faster than previous versions).
  • New in v4.0: new online Live Update Facility provides registered users access to the latest and most recent upgrades to Registry Mechanic.
  • New in v4.0: customizable Ignore List (to enable selective scanning), and re-sizable results screen dialog provides improved ease-of-viewing.
  • New in v4.0: automatic creation of Windows Registry backups, plus an ption to create a System Restore Point (for Windows XP users) before scanning; RM v4.0 also uses new checkboxes allow user to selectively repair errors found after a scan.

Registry Mechanic v4.0: Testing it on my Machine

Using Registry Mechanic v4.0 was a snap.

As soon as it was installed onto my machine, I clicked "next" to have it start scanning.Registry Mechanic began its preliminary checks (.DLL error references, orphaned and misreported entries, shortcut errors, among others), and then started tunneling its way through my Registry using its Deep Registry Scan technology.

Upon completion of the assessment, Registry Mechanic launched a 'results' window and provided me with a categorized list of problematic errors. Not surprising, the bulk of the errors on my brand new Laptop (177 of 252 reported) were found in the Deep Registry Scan section -- a section of the registry that most run-of-the-mill Registry Cleaners do not assess.

However, what really impressed me the most about Registry Mechanic v4.0 is the fact that each error is accompanied with a detailed description, priority, and suggested action to take in order to resolve the issue. Again, this is a feature you won't find in most Registry repair programs on the market -- especially rogue Registry Cleaners that tend to over-exaggerate their findings without providing details or the nature of the error message.

In all, Registry Mechanic v4.0 took a just over 2.5 minutes to perform a scan on my PC -- almost 45 seconds faster than the previous version.

" ... The one area that I have never dared to delve into has been the System Registry; the mere mention of the word sends shivers up my spine. That is, until I read your newsletter that featured the [previous release of] Registry Mechanic ... After some time out for deep thought, I decided to take the plunge and download and install the program. Well, I could not be happier or more impressed. It is super easy to use (could be used by a first day computer user without any problems) and did everything that you said it would. " ~ Marv M., Infopackets Reader


With over 4,251,210 downloads from since December 20, 2004 and 4/5 users giving it a 'thumbs up', Registry Mechanic is a super system cleaning utility that no PC user should be without. Registry Mechanic's simple-to-use interface is sure to please all PC user (regardless of skill level) and requires very little interaction to get the job done.

" I tried the free download of Registry Mechanic and watched in horror as it found almost 800 errors. How in the world was I going to be able to fix all of those errors in one day? Sure enough, one click from the free version of Registry Mechanic fixed half the errors! Next paycheck, I'm purchasing the registered version of Registry Mechanic and fixing the rest! Thanks for the heads up! " ~ Infopackets Reader Marilyn O.

Registry Mechanic: Download

Registry Mechanic is free to try and repairs errors in the first 6 sections of the Main screen (registration required to repair all errors). Click below to try Registry Mechanic today -- you'll be amazed to see just how many errors it will find!

Update 2007/07/22: Registry Mechanic version 8 is available for download using the link above.

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