Microsoft Bows to Pressure on Windows 10 Security Options

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Microsoft has agreed to change the way it handles rival security products in Windows. The changes follow a formal complaint that's now been withdrawn by Kaspersky Labs.

Kaspersky had twice made official protests over Windows 10. The first was to Russian anti-monopoly regulators and led to Microsoft changing the wording on a message encouraging users to remove third-party software in favor of Windows Defender.

A follow-up complaint to the European Commission covered several points including Microsoft making it difficult for security firms to tell users when their licensed had expired; not giving rival firms enough notice about Windows Updates that could stop their security software working; and not telling users clearly enough that an upgrade to Windows 10 might disable third-party tools.

Expiry Warnings Get Clearer

That's led to several changes by Microsoft. Firstly, it will display subscription expiration warnings from third party software much more prominently. Instead of being hidden away out of sight, the messages can stay on screen until the user either renews their subscription or actively clicks to say they are happy to revert to using Windows Defender.

Third-party software will also be allowed to display its own on-screen warnings so that users have a chance to renew a subscription before it expires.

There will also be much more communication about updates to Windows itself. Not only will security software makers get more notice about updates, but Microsoft will offer a compatibility review to flag up any potential problems in advance.

Complaints Withdrawn

Microsoft says it decided on the changes after discussing the issue at a "Microsoft Virus Initiative forum" with security firms last month. (Source:

Kaspersky has welcomed the changes and says its concerns have been fully dealt with. It says it "we will be taking all necessary steps to withdraw our claims and inform all regulatory bodies that we no longer have any matters for Microsoft to address."

The company also stressed its belief that having rival security firms compete to offer products and services is good news for Microsoft and Windows users. It says that although operating systems having built-in security tools is a smart idea, "having just one security solution for each operating system is not healthy: The market has to be diverse to ensure that cyber criminals don't only have to try to elude a single security solution." (Source:

What's Your Opinion?

Was Microsoft right to make the changes? Do you use third-party security software and have you noticed any problems with it in Windows 10? How can Microsoft balance keeping users safe without restricting competition among security software firms?

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I have been using Bit Defender Free for about 6 months now without problems. I stared using it when I saw a comparison of free anti virus and the comparison included Win Defender, the result was Bit Defender captured all the virus's where Defender missed a few. The only downside with Bit Defender is sometimes it blocks a download and I have to disable it and then re-enable it after the download. I have never used the pay versions of any antivirus and it has been years since I have seen a hint of a virus attack on my system.

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Didn't the US government decide to pull all versions of Kaspersky from all government computers due to security concerns? For fear that Russian officials were using it to gain access to US government systems? If this is true or even has the possibility of being so, why should Microsoft bend to them for anything. Hey, the Russians are our enemies. Why would any American spend money on something that just feeds the pockets of any sworn enemy of the US or our way of living? Of course, maybe there is no truth to any of this, but who wants to take that chance?

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Ok, let me ask..
The Catholic Church has fought back against All of the other versions of Christianity..
THEY wanted only 1 version..

So, Which version are you, and are you fighting them, or them or them..

The idea that we are Against the Russians is metaphorical..
WE need someone to we PICKED another nation as large as ours..

This is like the USA running around the world, creating DEMOCRATIC nations..
1. we are a REPUBLIC. the only thing democratic is how we VOTE.
2. every democratic nation, has more then 2 groups to vote for..(love the fights they have)
3. the HARDEST type of nation to control, is democratic..and thats why they FAIL.

Many forms of Government can Last, for along while..the problem with 90% of them, is CORRUPTION at the top..brings them DOWN every time.

ted_4434's picture

You didn't address anything that I said. You want to talk religion? We can talk religion. I am not Catholic and am against Catholicism all the way! But, that wasn't the subject, was it?

The truth is ... the Russians are our enemies. Basically always have been and always will be. They are against everything we stand for, including being number one.

Did I say anything about being a Democratic or Republic nation? The fact that we are against the Russians is not metaphorical! It is as real as the air that you breathe.

Did I strike a chord there? Are you Russian-American?

I simply commented on recent news feeds concerning national security ans Kaspersky, a Russian owned anti-virus software company.

Why does every idiot who reads a comment need to go off on a tangent and start talking about things that had nothing to do with the original issue?

ecash's picture

You specifically said things about the Russians..
Do you know the history of WHY the Russians kicked the USA OUT of Russia?

Your comparison of Kaspersky and WHY the USA might have not wanted it on computer systems..

And you mentioned that WE ARE ENEMIES to the Russians..
why not substantiate that with ANY FACTS??

The onl;y Fact for Russia and a few other nations is that WE ALL get together every 10-20 years to compare our Military, and SHOW OFF who has the best weapons and planes.. so that we can SELL them to the rest of the World..

The only HATE is that they are NOT corp OWNED and controlled.(which is changing..

ted_4434's picture

Why the Russians supposedly "kicked the USA out of Russia" is of no real concern to me. That is in the past. If they did they did. The fact that we are enemies is what's important here. Do I wish we weren't? Of course! Historically the Russians have mistreated their own people. People who oppose them? Anyone who opposes them.

Have you read or watched the news lately? There is your proof that we are enemies to the Russians and them to us. Don't get me wrong, I am not standing up for that hate. Hatred disgusts me. What I'm saying is that we shouldn't blindly sit here and do nothing about it. As people we historically tend to hate on anyone who is not like us, who don't believe the things we believe.

The Kaspersky thing is a real issue and potential security threat to the U.S. Shouldn't the U.S. take measures to protect itself and it's people?

I just read an article that while over the last decade, the U.S. has spent less on weapons, Russia has spent more on weapons to beef up their military power. Looking at some of the weaponry that they now have indeed makes me a little nervous. Shouldn't we at least attempt to match their power?

People don't like people when they are different or think differently. Look at the Protestant Reformation and how many people died at the hands of the Catholics. The Catholics were afraid of this new way of thinking.

History does repeat itself. Look at WWI and WWII.

ecash's picture

You cant find a reason that the USA doe snot LIKE Russia??

Then WHY hate them??
You have not seen all the weapons the USA makes to sell to other country.. From our planes, Ships, Radar, Guns, and Everything..
Its Total Commercialism..

Russia has changed ALLOT in the past 30 years.

One of the things I mentioned is TRUE, as we NEED an enemy.. Its the militaristic Corporate entity in this nation..
IT NEEDS COMPETITION.. A REASON TO BE.. And its REALLY weird that WE PAY(yes, you and me) in our taxes for the building of our military weapons, and THEN sell to other nations,,,AND YOU AND I dont get a tax break..

Odds are you dont know how many SUDO wars the USA and russia have fought/BACKED./.

AND the only reasoning is to SHOW OFF OUR WEAPONS..
Go look up History If you think we REPEAT IT.. we do..but you have to SEE what we are repeating..

ted_4434's picture

What did you eat that didn't agree with you? The Russians are selling weapons to other countries and so are we.

How the can you defend them with the atrocities that they have laid down on their own people.

Are you talking about things that have occurred recently that have caused the Russians not to want us there or shit that happened in the past? The shit that went down recently, in the past few years, have been played on by both countries. I'm guessing that you are a Russian. Or your family is, but this is not some little debate. You are heated about something. Why else would you defend them so much? If you are Russian and are living there, stay there. If you are Russian and staying here go back, you are a threat.

No I don't know how many SUDO wars the US/Russians have backed and neither do you. The fact is - no one knows.

I don't really care about getting a tax break if it means that I can feel safer knowing that we have military might!

How do you know that Kaspersky is legit? Because they are a Russian company and the good ole Ruskies told you?? Who did attack who first with cyber warfare? You don't even know.

You and your type are the same type that would have spit in the faces of the soldiers as they returned from Vietnam. They were only doing what they swore an oath to do. I was in the military for 7 years. If placed in a similar position I would follow my orders. Do you even know what it's like to stand with your country? Yes, every country wants to think that they have the best ideas and therefore should be the leaders of the world. Communism is wrong.

Can we just end this? My intent was not to insult you or anyone else. Россия сосет

ecash's picture

Since you wont look ioto the past history as you mentioned before..
You dont understand that Russia, China, Israel, the USA ALL make weapons and have economy based on weapon sales..
Russia sold off Most of its military machines for money..
That the worst thing to happen to any nation is corruption at the top.
That paying billions for the development of military Goods in the nation is killing this nation AND THEIRS..
Our military men Do their job..and it it were not for Communism, they would be left to Starve after coming home from war.. JUST as they are in Russia. Oh, I forgot, you dont like communism.. And low cost medical..And social security..
If you really like this country, open your eyes and watch what is happening, and Do the right thing to make it better. Unless you like Paying for the banks to SCREW things up again, or Corps slowly taking over, and this NOT being a republic..

Also look up the word republic..we are only democratic on WHO we vote for.

ted_4434's picture

I know history. I think it is you who are falling short in that area. You are the one who doesn't know history and if you are for socialism and /or communism you need to get your head checked. Russia may or may not have sold off most of their weapons, but guess what - THEY MADE MORE, MUCH MORE! BETTER AND MORE EXPENSIVE! I suppose you are ok with North Korea too. Most of the country is in poverty and they are bent on making weapons! The only people in that country who are allowed to own vehicles are government officials and the military! They spend money that they don't have and their country, their people starve.

No, I am not for banks screwing us or the government bailouts. Hey let's overthrow the government! Stop paying taxes and live on communes. Oh that will get us far, real fast. There are surely some messed up things going on in this country (USA), but I think it is due to immigration. people getting on welfare programs and never getting off. It has nothing to do with the military making weapons to make sure that we are protected.

I have a job and I make much more than most people in this country, in this world. I am more educated than most people in the world and it is people who continually rob the government of money through immigration and crap like that who are screwing this country up.

Wake up and get a life. Please, don't reply as I will not answer. From the shit you are saying I am left believing that you are in the poorest lot in the country and just want the government to give, give, give. Is that what it is really about? Never mind, it doesn't matter.

ecash's picture

So you know the USA in WWII tried to spy into russia, and got caught?
You know That most of the jobs in this country LEFT, in the 70-80's because we created Laws to make them responsible for the pollution they create?
Japan and ROC quit manufacturing BECAUSE??? they like fishing off the coast line..
You know China is buying lands in Africa to MOVE manufacturing THERE??
The basic Tenets of the bible is Socialism?? That Each area Feeds and does itself good then Passes excess to others..
iN THE 60'S THERE WERE ENOUGH jobs that If you wanted to leave and get more money, you could.. After all the CUT's in the 80's we lost over 1/3 of the Jobs in the USA to the Corporate mentality.. And with LESS jobs then Those that WANT a job, the Corps can pick and choose...Hire and fire you the same day..
So, yes..I do know allot about whats going on..
ANd I do wonder why we went to war in Korea and Vietnam.. we could of just Dropped a BOMB and be done with it..insted, we lost allot of people, for protecting Corporate properties..

ecash's picture

and WHO attacked WHO FIRST with cyber warfare??

Kaspersky has been in thte business for YEARS..I think around 25..
And they are a Legit corp.

Better then MS, and Adobe, and SONY..
As all of these TRACK YOU...Flash is used to track you, MS has it builtin, Sony and xbox, are CLOSED environments and FULLY track everything you do..Itunes tracks you..

So..who is doing WHAt to who?? And I would Worry MORE about the NSA/DEA/... in the USA that wish to install backdoors into your computer THEN in Kaspoersky