Organize E-Mail Accounts In One Location...Even Off-line

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Have you ever anticipated an important email, but found yourself in a location where no WiFi service was available? How about having to be away from your inbox for a few days? Just the thought of having all of those messages build up, only to extract one or two relevant ones...what a time-waster!

Yahoo has revealed plans to help users manage their email accounts by making their popular email service available on the desktop. The program is called Yahoo Zimbra Desktop and will work with Yahoo Mail, AOL and Google Gmail (in addition to other small business email services) in an effort to manipulate and organize all email accounts in one designated location.

What's more incredible is that the program will allow users to read, create and organize emails while the computer is offline.

The service was actually created by the small start-up Zimbra, which Yahoo paid a cool $350 million to acquire. (Source:

Although being in existence for almost five years, Zimbra is still considered to be the latest entrant in a sea of email services that include Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird. Zimbra hopes to distance itself from the rest of the pack by being the first to offer an offline organization option as part of its standard features (not to mention allowing users to organize their multiple accounts with rival services all in one location).

Yahoo Zimbra Desktop will be entirely free to activate and works well with other online applications. For instance, when viewing an email, users can scroll over text to launch digital maps, currency conversion services, and more.

Yahoo plans to continue delving into the field of email management. The company is looking to release a prototype version of the latest Yahoo Mail boasting the potential to tap into most major social networks and automatically organize these emails by giving high priority to messages from senders who are friends and relatives and low priority to messages from strangers. (Source:

For now, Yahoo has their sights set on being the primary online "starting point" for web surfers, while retaining their loyal consumer base and luring away several other users from the many email services currently available all over the Internet.

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