How to Fix: My Computer icon Missing in Windows 10 (Desktop)

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Infopackets Reader "Sue" writes:

" Dear Dennis,

I've recently upgraded to Windows 10 and now the 'My Computer' icon is missing from my desktop. Now I don't know how to get to my files! I am completely lost and also very frustrated. Can you help? "

My response:

If memory serves correct, the "My Computer" icon was removed from the desktop starting with Windows 8, and is now called "This PC".

Personally, I have always used "My Computer" as a starting point whenever I need to access a file or folder located somewhere on my hard drive, so I am not really sure why Microsoft decided to stop placing the "My Computer" icon on the desktop by default. Instead, there is now a Windows Explorer folder on the task bar (by default), which is somewhat similar as "My Computer", but not quite (they both open a Windows Explorer window).

Nonetheless - some habits are hard to break if you're used to using the computer a certain way, which is why I also prefer to have "My Computer" or "This PC" located on my desktop. I'll explain below how to get the "My Computer" back onto the desktop.

How to Fix: My Computer icon Missing in Windows 10 (Desktop)

If you want to restore "This PC" (which is the exact same as "My Computer") in Windows 10, do the following:

  1. Right click an empty area on the desktop and select "Personalize" from the dialogue menu.
  2. The "Settings" window will now appear. On the left side of the window, click the "Themes" link.
  3. The "Themes" menu should now be displayed in the middle of the window; click the "Desktop icon settings" link.
  4. A new window will appear with the title "Desktop icon settings". Place a check mark beside "Computer" and "Recycle bin" and any other icons you may want to add to the desktop, including "User's files", "Control panel" and "Network".
  5. Finally, click Apply and OK, then close the "Settings" window. You should now see "This PC" located on your desktop.

Note: you can also access "This PC" from the Start menu at any point by clicking the Start menu, then type in "This PC" (no quotes); it should appear immediately in the list.

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