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If you're lucky, spyware will slow down your computer and make your daily use a frustrating experience.

That is *NOT* a typo.

If you are lucky, that's what will happen ... but if you are unlucky, spyware will leave your computer as good as useless, steal your personal data, banking information, credit card numbers, and passwords -- and make your life a living hell.

What is the Difference between Spyware, Malware, and a Virus?

There are distinct classifications for rogue software: all of which cause harm to your PC in some way or another.

The terms spyware and malware generally refer to software that purposely exploits your PC and/or steals personal information: all for the sole purpose of making money. Sometimes, spyware is referred to as adware because it can serve ads (repeatedly and obtrusively) to your PC.

On the other hand, viruses usually cause harm to the PC and are most noted because they can spread infection to other computers easily: hence, a "viral infection." The major difference between a virus and a spyware infection is that viruses don't usually exploit a PC for profit.

Keeping your Computer Clean of Spyware and Viruses

Viruses and spyware both rely on exploits. An exploit is a "hole" in your operating system (Windows) that allows intruders -- in this case, a spyware or virus infection -- in without your knowledge or consent.

That's why it's important to keep your system up to date with security fixes and the latest security software.

Zero Day Infections: 'Super Malware'

Keeping your computer up to date, avoiding potentially bad sites, and being careful about which files you open and install on your computer are not always enough to keep your PC free from a spyware or virus infection.

"Zero Day Infections" or "Zero Day Exploits" refer to malicious software that is developed so quickly, that Microsoft and their Windows Updates simply cannot detect and prevent the infection. Note that you can be infected with a Zero Day malware attack by simply visiting a web site or clicking on an unsuspecting link -- and not even know it!

Zero day infections are big money for spyware vendors and there's plenty of press to back up this statement.

"[Spyware Doctor is] the clear winner, outperforming the competition at detecting and removing our test set of adware and spyware samples. That performance, combined with solid features and support, earned the program our Best Buy distinction."  ~ PC World

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Enter: Spyware Doctor with Antivirus

Spyware Doctor with Antivirus not only "cleans up the mess" after you've been infected -- it also prevents your computer from being infected in the first place!

Spyware Doctor uses special scanning methods in conjunction with "malware signatures", "heuristics", and "behavioral monitoring" -- all techy talk for stuff that works together to help prevent a Zero Day attack before it even gets a chance to deliver a payload to your PC!

Spyware Doctor In Action

As you'd expect given my job, I like to think I practice pretty good security on my PC and steer well clear of suspicious websites. So I was intrigued to see what, if any, spyware this program could find on my machine.

I found installing Spyware Doctor an absolute breeze.

Once it opened up, it gave me the option to run an Intelli-scan. Although this is the 'quick option', it's certainly not a shallow operation: it searches all the most likely places that spyware could be hiding, including all the programs you are running at the time.

The scan illustrated in the screenshots in this review took me 12 minutes, which isn't bad going considering it checked through more than 200,000 files.

" [Spyware Doctor] has a very complete set of monitoring features and a high level of control over each feature -- but it will run just fine using the default configuration."  ~ Geekzone

" PC Tools Spyware Doctor effortlessly removed the offending infection and now maintains a constant watch against any further infections. It frequently finds Trojans and other malicious infections. Since installing Spyware Doctor I have had no further problems of this nature. "   ~ Benjamin | Amazon.co.uk

Spyware Doctor: Doesn't Trick You into Buying

The scan revealed 150 threats on my computer. At first I thought this was insane and suspected this may be one of those scams where a firm offers you a free scan and makes up 'infections' to trick you into buying software to fix the problem.

However, I quickly realized this couldn't be the case for two reasons. One is that PC Tools is a respected and established company with a good reputation: people would soon speak out if they were pulling a fast one.

Secondly, the scan report breaks down the problems completely so that you can see what they are, and even gives a rating as to the level of risk. Spyware Doctor does the work, but you keep control and decide what you want on your machine.

For example, 55 of the listed issues were browser cookies which are usually harmless. That fact is that Spyware Doctor points out these are legitimate applications rather than trying to scare you. That said, it doesn't do any harm to get a reminder of how much information sites have about you!

" [In my opinion, PC Tools] ... should strike a deal with those major antivirus companies to put it in their [packaged] products. "  ~ Jonny-highfive | Download.com

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Spyware Doctor: Keeps You Safe on the Web

Spyware Doctor doesn't just work as a scanning system after you've been infected. Intelliguard provides real-time monitoring which looks out for potential threats on a second-by-second basis.

Not only does it tell you when you are visiting a risky website, but it even blocks some adverts which would lead to such sites.

The wide range of options available for Intelliguard is a great example of the intuitive menu system in Spyware Doctor. And when I say wide range, I mean there is a LOT of stuff here to keep your system WELL protected! Click here for a screenshot to see what I mean.

To further illustrate: you can control how the program deals with a range of spyware techniques from e-mails to keyloggers (which try to capture everything you type in the hope of finding a password or credit card number) to rogue programs which unleash havoc when you start up Windows.

For each category you can set levels so that you can get the level of caution and suspicion which is right for you. And you can change these at any time so you can try out different settings to see how well they work for your computer.

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