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Have you ever considered how much of your work and your life is captured and dependent on your computer?

That's why it's foolish, generally expensive, and sometimes just plain crazy to continue relying on your computer without some sort of disaster recovery plan -- in case the inevitable happens, and your computer becomes unusable.

How disruptive would it be, then, if you were without your computer for a day, a week, or even a month?

Registry / System Cleaners / Disk Imagers versus Reimage Repair

There are many recovery products on the market designed to improve upon your system's speed and reliability by reversing (or "cleaning") some of the problems that naturally accumulate over time as your computer operates.

There are, nevertheless, more drastic ways of making things new again. One example might be to format your computer and start from the beginning. But that requires that you reinstall all your programs, and you'd lose all your data unless you backup your system, first.

If you own a disk imaging program, you could also revert your system to a previously healthy state. That said, you'd lose any changes you made to your system since your last backup.

There is, however, a happy medium that fits in-between formatting the entire PC, or reverting an image backup -- and it's called Reimage Repair.

Reimage Repair: New Technology for PC Repair

Reimage Repair is not just a Windows registry cleaning program. It's not an all-purpose system cleaner that merely frees up disk space by removing unnecessary, temporary files, either.

And for the record, Reimage is not a disk imaging program that backs up your system in its current state.

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What Reimage Is and Does

In short, Reimage is a program that attempts to fix ill-functioning PCs and restores them to their pristine, original condition.

It does this by removing and replacing corrupt system files with clean, working files using an online connection.

It also cleans and repairs the system registry, removes malware and viruses, and updates Windows drivers.

Reimage is, by all means, the only program on the market that does this type of restoration.

Using Reimage on My PCs

When I first downloaded and installed Reimage, the software immediately began checking my system.

As it scanned through my PC, Reimage compared and kept track of any damaged or missing files using its online database, which warehouses some 25 million up-to-date operating system files.

It then presented me with a proposed rating of my system, and told me where my rating stood compared to other PCs in the world.

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How Reimage Fixes the Errors

At the end of the scan, it asked me if I wanted to fix the errors.

In the free trial version, Reimage scans your system and provides you with a report of what's wrong. Once the program is registered, however, Reimage Repair begins a total rebuild of your computer's operating system and attempts to restore the PC to "good as new" condition.

The repair process can take anywhere from an hour or longer, depending on your Internet connection and how fast your computer is able to process the information.

Testing Reimage on My Windows XP and Windows 7 PCs (32 bit)

If you have an old computer that over the years has grown slow and difficult to use, Reimage is likely a product you'll enjoy using.

For example, Reimage Repair bored into an old XP computer I use for evaluation tests and took nearly an hour and a half to find, download, and replace all the problematic files.

After the fix, I did notice a significant decrease in the time it took to boot the machine, plus all the programs I had installed on the machine appear to launch almost instantly. The software worked equally well on a relatively new computer running Windows 7. That said, I don't think a full system repair was necessary. See my caveats below.

In all, it took almost the same time to repair my Windows 7 PC as it did my XP machine.

Precautions About Using Reimage

Reimage is, by definition, very intricate software. It makes major changes to your system: including the system registry and operating system files.

If the computer you're about to fix is mission-critical, we strongly urge you to make an image backup of your entire system before applying Reimage. I say this because -- as with any software -- there is a possibility that something could go wrong, leaving you with an unworkable PC.

Nevertheless, there is a chance that some of you won't want to take these precautions. In my tests, Reimage Repair worked on both my Windows XP and Windows 7 (32 bit) machines.

Reimage Caveats

This review is not without its caveats. One issue I had when using Reimage Repair on my system was that there wasn't a final dialogue to begin the repair process.

For example: when the initial scan completed, it asked me if I wanted to fix the errors and continue using the software. Once I entered my registration number, however, it immediately started the repair process and began downloading files from their repository server.

This was not what I was expecting. Instead, I expected it to confirm my registration number and present me with a final choice: proceed with fix, or exit program.

Secondly, I am unsure of the efficacy of Reimage's PC rating system presented within the program. I say this because my Windows 7 machine was in near-pristine condition (just the way I like it) and is used only for Internet publishing. Thus, I don't believe it was necessary to have Reimage proceed and download a full system restoration, which ended up taking over an hour to complete.

Future Editions to Contain Self-Repair CD

Previous versions of Reimage Repair provided for the creation of a self-contained CD that could be used in a balky computer that wouldn't run, or that wouldn't maintain an Internet connection long enough to download the software.

In the current version of Reimage Repair, there is no such capability. So, if your computer is totally unable to run on its own and you can't connect to the Internet, Reimage isn't going to work for you.

That said, I'm told the Reimage Repair CD will be making a reappearance in future editions.

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Earlier versions of Reimage Repair were designed for people with an interest in, and some knowledge of, technical matters inside a computer, offering displays and options that would confuse or dismay an untrained computer user.

The newer version is entirely automatic. When you launch Reimage Repair, it begins analyzing your computer. When that's done, the only choice is to perform any necessary repairs or cancel and exit the program entirely. This is likely to make the software appeal to a far wider audience, and -- since repair is all you really want from a program like this -- the lack of choices doesn't impair its usefulness.

The biggest "problem" with Reimage Repair is that it hasn't yet earned a reputation. In earlier versions, it was delivered only as an online service, not a downloadable piece of software. Various reviewers claimed it had some bugs, and some have even accused this program of being less than favorable, having found the same problems time after time, even after it had supposedly fixed them.

With this edition of Reimage, this simply was not the case. In my evaluation, Reimage Repair appears to have restored my computers to their original state, keeping all my software intact. When I ran Reimage again later on the same computers, it gave them a completely clean bill of health.

So, Will Reimage Work For You?

If you're certain that your computer has slowed down having used it an extended period of time (for months, or even years), then Reimage is likely something you'll want to try.

If you're the type of user that maintains their PC regularly and are relatively certain it's running at optimal performance, there may be little that Reimage has to offer you. Then again, if you want a program that is completely automated and promises to truly rework your entire PC, Reimage might be just what you need.

Reimage Compatibility

Reimage Repair is compatible with 32-bit versions of Windows XP (Service Pack 2 or higher), Windows Vista (Service Pack 1 or higher), and Windows 7. 

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