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I get asked all the time "Why is my PC slow?"

The answer, of course, is usually complex and may depend on a number of factors. But, for the most part, the culprit is due to repeated installation and removal of software programs to a system over a period of time.

For example: a once pristine PC (brand new, untouched) from the factory can perform flawlessly. The same PC after a few months of use will start to lag. And, after a year or two, that same PC will surely suffer major performance degradation if not maintained by the owner.

Let's look at some examples.

Some programs (once installed) will automatically add themselves to the Windows startup, where they significantly slow boot times and eat up precious system resources.

All PCs have a limit on their processing power and how much memory is available. The more programs running at the same time, the fewer system resources become available. If you maintain what is needed and what is not needed, you can essentially keep things running smoothly. Unfortunately, it's never straightforward and simple as that.

Other programs will add erroneous data to the system registry (resulting in unexpected or delayed behavior), modify system files, and clutter up hard drive space with unneeded or unwanted files. As files get added and removed to the system, the file system starts to become fragmented.

The list of detrimental effects goes on, much like a stack of dominos falling one after the other. Quite simply: if PC upkeep is not maintained, performance as a whole begins to slow to a crawl.

That's why effective and timely system maintenance can not only resolve computer performance problems, but prevent some problems before they even start.

System Maintenance Can Be a Chore

Unless you enjoy poking around in the software innards of your computer, performing essential PC maintenance is a chore, and a difficult one, at that. If you're like most computer users, you don't bother to dig into the guts of your computer's operating system, drivers, hard drive, registry, services, and other inner workings to clean things up and get them working like they did when your computer was new. So, it's no wonder your PC's performance continues to deteriorate month after month, year after year.

Introducing: AusLogics BoostSpeed

To help make PC maintenance easy for the everyday user, AusLogics has developed an easy-to-use PC maintenance product called "BoostSpeed."

In short, BoostSpeed is a hassle-free Windows system optimizer that CNET calls "an effective all-encompassing utility suite." (Source: ).

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AusLogics BoostSpeed Makes Your PC Young Again

Unlike other products that promise to restore your PC's performance, AugLogics BoostSpeed is a total toolbox of system maintenance tools that works automatically to take care of the maintenance chores you don't want to.

New and intermediate computer users will appreciate AusLogics Boostspeed because it contains a "system scan" option that provides a list of fixes specifically targeted for your PC. All you need to do is click a single button and the program does the rest.

Seasoned PC users will appreciate BoostSpeed even more, because its offers easy access to intricate maintenance modules. These are intelligently sub-categorized and made intuitively accessible under a variety of clear, concise headings. You can easily navigate through the program, find the maintenance module you're looking for, and use it to get your computer working wonderfully fast again.

AusLogics BoostSpeed: Using it On My PC

System Scan

After installing AusLogics Boostspeed, the first step is to perform a full system scan. This tells the program to look for a wide variety of registry errors, located unneeded and unwanted files, fix broken links to programs, optimize Windows services, and more.

Junk files, for example, do nothing but take up space and eat away at processing power. This is especially true in terms of searching for files, generating file thumbnails (tile / icon "previews"), and viewing folders in Windows.

The scan takes just a minute or two, and after it finishes BoostSpeed will ask you to confirm that you want to fix all the errors it has found. Most users will want to click the "Fix All" button to resolve the issues.

You can then set the program to run a maintenance procedure on automatic. Simply visit the program's Settings (via Program Settings drop down menu), and select the automatic option you want.

The program has more advanced and robust options, as well, for those who want them. For example, it allows you to view the details of each error and individually choose whether or not to fix each one.

Advanced computer may want to use this option to make fine adjustments for particular purposes, or to experiment with different settings to see if special tasks go quicker when the computer is internally set up a different way.

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System Advisor

BoostSpeed's second tab is the pathway to its System Advisor. This module quickly analyzes your computer's functionalities, and tells you which ones you are using, and which ones your computer doesn't need to have turned "on."

This is an incredibly important feature when you have installed new software, which may undo one-time actions that leave your computer with sub-optimal settings. As I mentioned in the introduction, some programs make changes to the system by injecting themselves into the startup, and this can help to undo that.

Another part of the system advisor is that it can help you tweak Windows Services. For example, one of the best features in Windows 7 is its "search indexing" feature, which builds a database of all the files stored on your PC. This makes it quick and easy to locate any file you want inside a folder (and even in the Start Menu), particularly if you forget where it's stored.

But this "indexing service" uses a lot of system resources. In fact, it is arguably the number one reason why Windows 7 computers sometimes slow to a crawl -- especially with older PCs, or PCs that are low on critical resources like RAM (Random Access Memory).

AusLogics Boostspeed can disable and re-enable this indexing service whenever you wish, freeing up lots of system resources that make your computer run noticeably faster on all your other tasks.

Resource Usage

BoostSpeed's "Resource Usage" capability is similar to that of Windows native "Task Manager." It shows in real time which applications are using the most processing power and RAM.

RAM is a central piece of hardware in your computer that's used to store program information and data that will be utilized by the CPU (Central Processing Unit).

Because RAM operates so much faster than the computer's hard drive, the more RAM your computer has, the more data can be made readily accessible to the CPU, and the faster your computer actually runs.

With AusLogics BoostSpeed, you can see simple, easily understandable graphic displays of how much of your computer's resources (RAM, CPU, and more) are currently being utilized. The program rates each process using them as "trustworthy," "unknown" or "untrustworthy." On this basis, you can see instantly if a harmful is running on your computer, and you can kill it, freeing RAM right then and there.

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Advanced Tools

BoostSpeed's "Advanced Tools" includes a collection of nine great tools that perform a variety of important and help tasks for fine-tuning your computer's daily performance.

The Disk Maintenance, Registry Maintenance and Free Up Space modules help you maintain your PC in tip top shape. Run them regularly, and you'll be giving your computer preventive maintenance that keeps it running smoothly.

The "Privacy" feature allows you to permanently erase files, and the "Disaster Recovery" capability lets you find and restore files that you fear are lost because of accidental deletion.

You can use the program's "Software Control" feature to uninstall software or change which programs launch on startup. By adjusting your computer's startup sequence, you can make it boot up faster and be ready for work in seconds, rather than minutes.

Most computers that haven't been properly maintained take extra minutes to boot up, and lose significant portions of their available RAM and CPU power to perform functions their owners neither know about nor want.

AusLogics BoostSpeed makes slimming down your computer's startup sequence very quick and easy. It gives you a list of which programs and functions are included. You simply point and click to show which ones you want, and which ones you don't. The program does all the rest.

System Tweaks

The System Tweaks tool allows you to make changes to the behavior of everything in your computer, from Internet browsers to the Start Up menu, including your computer's resource-hungry graphic display defaults, and many more.

System Tweaks shows you the trade-offs between performance and appearance, so you can set the balance in your computer that works best for you.

Rescue Center

One reason some computer users don't perform maintenance on their PCs is that are afraid a change they make will cause problems. That's no concern with AusLogics BoostSpeed.

With BoostSpeed, you can make all the changes you want. If any of them ever creates a problem in your computer, you can easily undo it and set your computer back to the way it was. The program's "Rescue Center" lists every change you've ever made using BoostSpeed, and also contains a list of BoostSpeed backups, as well as Window 7's own restore points.

Product Compatibility

AusLogics BoostSpeed is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 (32-bit and 64-bit). It requires 50 MB of available hard-disk space and at least 256 MB of RAM.

Final Thoughts

AugLogics BoostSpeed is the rare application that solves computer problems you didn't even know you had. That's probably why calls it "one of the ultimate tools to have on every Windows system."

Whether you're a technical guru or someone who just wants your computer to work right, AusLogics BoostSpeed is the top optimization toolkit on the market.

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